Summary: #3 in a six week series on marriage and parenting. This message discusses the Biblical concept of instructing and correcting your child.

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Home Improvement - Week 3


EPHESIANS 6:1-4 / HEBREWS 12:4-13


A loaded mini-van pulled up to the only remaining campsite. Four youngsters leaped from the vehicle & feverishly began unloading the gear and setting up the tent. The boys rushed off to gather firewood while the girls along with their mother began to set up the camp stove and cooking utensils. A nearby camper watched and marveled to the children’s father: "Sir, that is the greatest display of teamwork I have ever seen. How do you run such a disciplined family?" The father said, "Well, it really works on only 1 basic principle. Nobody gets to go to the bathroom until the camp is set up!"

We have become un-accustomed to seeing well-disciplined children. We’re more familiar with irresponsibility, rudeness, out right defiance. For the past 3 decades we have sown the seeds of permissiveness and now we are reaping a tragic harvest. 1.3 million young people have drinking problems in this country. 5,000 teenagers commit suicide every year- 10,000 more attempt it. Sexual activity amongst pre-teens has more than tripled in the last decade. Every day 200 school teachers are assaulted physically by students in the classroom in this country and such places as Paducah, KY, Jonesboro, AK and Columbine in Littleton, CO. are forever etched in our minds and nation’s history. No wonder Dr. James Dobson of Focus on the Family says, "Permissiveness has not been a failure in this country - it has been a disaster."

So, as we continue our Home Improvement series, we need to deal with, from a Biblical perspective, the subject of disciplining our children. All children need the freedom that blessing them brings but they also need walls or boundaries so that they don’t wander needlessly into hurtful situations.

Now, some of what I have to say today you may disagree with. Maybe, that’s because I’m wrong. I am no expert in parenting. I look back at over a quarter of a century that I’ve been a parent and I can easily see where I’ve made mistakes. But before you disregard this teaching as just "preacher talk", will you evaluate 2 things? (1) Will you evaluate the Scripture with me objectively? I believe with all my heart that our success as parents has a much better chance if we consult the Creator and His Words than if we depend on the vacillating philosophy of this age. (2) As much as is possible, will you evaluate your children’s behavior honestly? If they are always well behaved then stay the course. But if your children aren’t listening to you very well or others that deal with your child have to tell you of unacceptable behavior, like a mouth out of control or selfishness, maybe it’s time to change your strategy of discipline. I just want to discuss 2 things today: (1) Parental authority and (2) Parental discipline.


Parents, God has set up the home in such a way where you are to have the authority over your children during the growing years. In fact, God has commanded that parents have authority over their children. Eph. 6:1 & Col. 3:20 make it clear that children are to submit to parental authority by being obedient.

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