Just Announced: Philippians Sermon Series

Summary: Remembering who America's greatest enemy is and how the battle is to be won.


” The war for America’s future is not just against Islamic radicals on foreign soil, they are even greater threats to our Nation coming from within our own borders. There our those who are waging a war to make America a Secular people instead of a Spiritual people, an Amoral and Immoral people instead of a Moral people, a Godless Nation instead of One Nation Under God. These enemies of America are really just the pawns of Satan in a greater battle, the Spiritual battle that he is waging against the Soul of America. It is Satan that is the real force behind those who are attempting to destroy the America we have known. He controls their minds, he places the hatred for America’s values in their heart, and it is he that energizes them to constantly be on the attack.

This is really a spiritual battle that can only be overcome by a Spiritual force greater than Satan’s. The greatest power available to the Church in this battle is the Power of the Gospel, [Romans 1:16] for only the Gospel has the power to conquer and change the hearts of the Lord’s foes. You see, the heart of the problem is the problem of the human heart, and only the Power of the Gospel can change the human heart and set it free from the clutches of Satan. When the Gospel is shared the Holy Spirit then moves upon the human heart to Convict the lost sinner of Sin, Righteousness and Judgment, [John 16:8] and then to convert all who are then willing to Repent and Surrender their hearts to Christ in Saving Faith. [Romans 10:13]

(The greatest example of how the Lord can turn His most avoid foe into His most avoid servant is the conversion of the Apostle Paul which is recorded in the 9th Chapter of the Book of Acts.)

Every Christian has a duty to be a good Citizen and to support and Vote for those who hold our Christian Values, and to stand against every attempt to of those who would seek to destroy our values and heritage, but we have an even greater duty and that is to Christ and even our foes. [Romans 1:14] We who are truly Born Again Christians (which is the only ones who are truly Christians) are a debtor to Jesus and to the lost. As they are, we once were, [Ephesians 5:8] and now we owe it to them and to Christ, who saved us out of darkness and an eternity in H-E-L-L, to take the life changing Gospel to our Nation of lost and bound sinners. Therein lies the victory for America’s future if Jesus tarries His Coming.

The Church must always remember as we strive to be Salt and Light to our Nation and the World, that ultimately we are not going to Save America nor the World. The Lord has already condemned both to Judgment. Our duty is to take the Gospel to the World, giving the lost the opportunity to be saved out of the world before the Lord Returns for His own and the pours out His Wrath upon this condemned world. [1 Thessalonians 1:10]

In these Days of Noah, [Matthew 24:37] this period of Grace, the Church is to be Noah’s, warning our wicked and condemned generation to flee to Jesus, their only Ark of Refuge from the Wrath to come.”

~Jack Woodard

1Corinthians 2:4; 2Corinthians 4:5

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