Summary: Hebrews 12 is a series of B-12 shots of encouragement for the Believer to be faithful, hold the course, not turn back.

Hebrews Sermon Series

“The Warning From Heaven”

Hebrews 12.18-29

10/15/14 CFBC Chester, IL Dr. Mike Fogerson, Speaker


A Hebrews 12 is a series of B-12 shots of encouragement for the Believer to be faithful, hold the course, not turn back.

1 The B-12 shots come in a series of three rounds that consists of . . .

a (vs. 1-4) Encouragement of the Race

aa (12.1) Great cloud of witnesses (Abel, Enoch, Noah, Abraham, etc.)

bb (12.2) Jesus, our greatest source of encouragement.

b (vs.5-17) Encouragement of the Rod

aa God will not tolerate/allow us to be entangled/ensnared/enslaved to sin.

bb He will discipline those whom He loves (12.6)

c Finally, (v.18-29) Encouragement of the Reward

aa What the Gospel offered was/is better than what the Law/Old Covenant offered.

bb Christ is BETTER than angelic hosts, Moses, Priest, offered a better sacrifice.

cc Instituted a better covenant through the offering of better blood.

2 All of these shots lead to a better life of faith now & a better hope in the future because our reward is not earthly, but heavenly.

B The author of Hebrews contrasts Mt. Sinai and the giving of the Law to Israel with the heavenly Mt. Zion and the blessings of Grace to the Church.

1 (12.18-21a)

a When God gave the people the Law, Scriptures (Ex. 19.10-25; 20.18-21; Deut. 4.10-24) describe the event as horrific, terrible encounter.

aa The people were afraid to hear God’s voice, even Moses feared & trembled.

bb God demanded a boundary line be in place around the mount, even if stray livestock wandered into the boundary, they were to be killed (specifically by stoning or by a dart so those who are issuing the punishment won’t become defiled themselves.)

cc Why all the security, smoke, pyrotechnics?

b This is God showing His People the seriousness of the Law, Covenant, Relationship, Marriage between God & Israel.

aa The nation was in its infancy, babies. . . they understood reward & punishment.

bb We don’t communicate with our older/grown children the way we did when they were babies/younger. . . neither does God.

cc On Mt. Sinai, God was speaking/interacting with an infant nation.

2 The Law revealed how lost/sinful the people were, but didn’t offer salvation/a way out.

a Sinai could help the people make it through 70 years or so on earth, but it offered no hope of eternal like . . . that hope only comes from Zion.

aa The Law could show the spiritual condition of our soul, never restore our soul.

bb Rom. 8.3

b Heb. 12.18-21 tells us that we’ve moved from Sinai to Zion: Law to Grace.

aa We need to be keenly aware of both, not cheapen either.

bb The devil doesn’t care which side you fall on as long as we don’t stay in the saddle.

c Our future home is called Mt. Zion.

aa Not the earthly Mt. Zion in Jerusalem, but to the heavenly Jerusalem.

bb At the time of the writing of Hebrews, Jerusalem was about to fall to the hands of the Romans. (Fall to the Turks, Crusaders, Turks/Islam . . . the earthly city of God, Jerusalem has been destroyed/rebuilt many times)

cc The Heavenly Mt. Zion has never fallen into the enemy’s hands, been destroyed, rebuilt.

T.S.: In Hebrews 12.22-28, we’ll find three truths about our better home in heaven.

I The Description of Heaven (12.22)

22 But you have come to Mount Zion and to the city of the living God, the heavenly Jerusalem, and to myriads of angels, (italics mine)

A There’s not much preaching/teaching done about heaven & perhaps that is because we’re so blessed right now that we just don’t think much heaven: The author describes heaven with three descriptive terms:

1 Mt. Zion (means fortress, place of protection)

a Zion is the opposite of Sinai

aa Sinai was a place of fear/trembling/horror; confronted us with the Law, commandments, judgement, & condemnation: Zion presents us grace, forgiveness, atonement, & salvation.

bb Sinai was forbidding/terrifying, Zion is inviting and gracious; Sinai was closed to all because no one is able to please God on Sinai’s terms . . .Zion is open to all because Jesus Christ has met the terms of Sinai and will stand in the place of anyone who will to God through Him.

b Earthly Zion is one of the chief mountains of Jerusalem.

aa It was where Solomon’s/Herrod’s Temple stood.

bb Is. 8.18, declares that the Lord chose Mt. Zion as His dwelling place.

cc 2 Kings 19.21, The people of Israel are called the Daughters of Zion.

c Ps. 125.1, (Zion represents His Kingdom)

aa Ps. 48.1-3, (The redeemed in heaven as standing on Mt. Zion.)

bb Heaven, our Mt. Zion, is a place where fear will be non-existent, complete security in His fortress/place of protection.

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