Summary: God works according to a fair and perfect plan.


Nehemiah 11:1 – 12:26

I. Sensitive to the Call of God

A. Calling – we have a calling, but are not forced to follow it

B. Choice – we have spiritual gifts, but are not forced to use them

II. No Respecter of Persons

A. Judah

1. Descendants of Perez

2. Story of Perez

B. Benjamin

1. Twice as many people

2. Sordid history

3. Two Sauls

III. Strengthening of Others

A. Company of Priests

1. Officiating priests

2. Heads of families

3. Brave warriors

B. Company of Levites

1. Outside workers

2. Worship leaders

C. Porters – ushers

D. Advisor(s)

IV. Support for Jerusalem

A. Villages in support of Jerusalem

B. They send inhabitants

C. Local & community involvement

V. Spiritual Encouragement

A. Zerubbabel - priest

B. Jeshua – Levite

Conclusion: God prepares His people for effective ministry.

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