Summary: How does a Christian live as an effective warrior for Christ’s Kingdom?

The Way of the Warrior

A few years ago, I took note of a common, yet quite remarkable sight while I was driving along a busy street one morning. A little lady, bent with age, confidently walked out into the traffic. She raised her frail hands to the oncoming traffic. And what happened? Several tons of machinery, cars and large trucks, came to a halt. We waited while the children crossed the road, then when she motioned for us to go ahead, traffic flowed once again. She was invested by our local government with a position of authority as a crossing guard. A distinctive uniform and badge authenticate her authorization. For that reason drivers respect her directives.

As we continue in our discussion of the topic of Spiritual Warfare, it critically important that we touch on the subject of our authority over the evil powers that work against the Kingdom of God. Frequently Christians find themselves trounced by tempting situations and defeated by dug-in habits. Despite their best intentions, they are so neutralized by their own internal struggles, that they are incapable of influencing their world for God in any meaningful way. Their efforts against evil, both in the inner personal life and in their world, are feeble and fruitless.

I believe that their ignorance of the authority that Christ has given to Believers and/or their failure to live in a way that gives them confidence to exercise their spiritual authority is the reason that they are helpless in the face of evil.

Jesus said, {Luke 10:19} “I have given you authority to . . .overcome all the power of the enemy.”(NIV)

The Message says: “See what I’ve given you? Safe passage . . . and protection from every assault of the Enemy. No one can put a hand on you.”

Neil Anderson writes,

“You would have no authority at all if it weren’t for your identity as a child of God and your position in Christ. Who you are must alway take precedence over what you do.”

As Christians we must UNDERSTAND and ACCEPT our identity in Christ! Truth is one of our primary weapons! We break out into a new place of freedom when we understand what Christ did at the Cross and accept, by faith, our authority over the Enemy and his domain. Satan is a defeated foe. His power was seized by Jesus Christ when He died and rose again from the dead.

Why, then, is evil so powerful? Primarily because of the big LIE.

Satan is a master Deceiver, an arch liar. He will take as much from us as we allow him to take. He will bluff and bluster with displays designed to intimidate. He will work wherever he finds someone willing to co-operate with him. He manipulates events and people constantly in his attempts to appear as the master of the world, one who is successfully destroying the work of God, but it is an illusion based on lies.

Despite his best efforts, the kingdom of God grows; sinners become saints; hopeless people find hope; dying people find life! He may threaten and attack, but we are invested by Christ with a greater authority which the Evil one must respect and yield to. The Bible teaches us clearly, 1 John 4:4 “You, dear children, are from God and have overcome them, because the one who is in you is greater than the one who is in the world.” (NIV)

Are you a Christian through faith in Jesus Christ?

Then you have been given authority to defeat evil. Don’t repeat the lies of Satan and his demons. Stop telling yourself and your world that you cannot change yourself or your situation. Stop speaking defeat.

Instead, begin to speak that which the Bible, the word of God, teaches as the truth. For example:

- I am more than a conqueror through Christ.

- Nothing can separate me from the love of God.

- God will provide all the resources I need today.

- I love you with the love of the Lord because He loved me to life.

Knowing your POSITION in Christ, is the first step to spiritual victory.

However, there is more.

While it is critically important to KNOW the TRUTH about who you are in Christ, you must also commit to living as a warrior. If your actions are not consistent with your words, you create a gap for the entrance of greater evil into your life. Your defenses will be breached and you will find yourself neutralized or worse, defeated— unable to exercise the authority that could be yours.

Achan brings defeat to Israel

A classic illustration of this is found in the story of Achan and the Israeli people in the book of Joshua. God promised His people that they would be successful in their war of conquest for the Promised Land. Just before he died, Moses went before the people and outlined for the last time the principles of God’s blessings. If you want to read that sermon, you can look at Deuteronomy 28.

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