JOHN 4:19-26

I know something about everyone of you and then there are some things that I don’t know about you. But there is one thing I know for certain, and that is that there is a vacuum in your heart that won’t be satisfied unless God is worshiped in your life. The things of the world won’t do it, only God.

A look at this woman at the well tells us how Jesus dealt with her heart. She tried to sidetrack Jesus to get the attention off her life. In these verses, we see her as the town outcast becoming the town theologian. Her trouble was that she tried many things to satisfy her life, but they had failed. Some said, if she had been living today, she probably would have gotten some type of Hollywood award for having five husbands.

But that day at the well was a blessing for her, for she met Jesus and He satisfied for deepest longings.

Today, we want to talk about real worship, worship that will please Jesus and satisfy our souls . NOT BORING WORSHIP,BUT SINCERE WORSHIP.

I heard about a man who had missing Church. The Pastor went to see him and encouraged him to get back attending Church. The man begin to make all kinds of excuses to why he had been missing such as, he had been visiting relatives, it was football season, and he had been sick., and it had been raining a lot. The Preacher replied, well its been might dry at the Church. The man and that another reason, its been too dry in the Church services.


A-Because God Desires Your Worship: 23B

for the Father seeketh such to worship him.

God desires our Worship. Notice Proverbs 23:26-”My Son, give me thing heart.”

We could give God our riches but would God be any richer? No, for God owns it all. He wants our Devotion.

What is the first duty of the Church? Spread the Gospel? It is important and we are commanded to do it. But it is not the first duty.

The first duty is found in Mark 12:20.It is Worship. Before we Witness, we must Worship.

God wants our presence , He wants us to draw near to Him worship and devotion. Hebrews 10:22-”Let us draw near with a true heart.”

There is a ridiculous story about a wealthy Texan who died, and his attorney gathered the entire family for the reading of the will. Relatives came from near and far to see if they were included in the bequests. The lawyer somberly opened the will and began to read:

"To my cousin Ed, I leave my ranch."

"To my brother Jim, I leave my money market accounts."

"To my neighbor and good friend, Fred, I leave my stocks."

"And finally, to my cousin George, who always sat around and never did anything, but wanted to be remembered in my will, I want to say, ’Hi, George.’"

Well God wants us to say more than Hi to Him ever now and then, but He wants our love and devotion.

I read the story of a little girl who loved her father and wanted to show her lover for him by knitting him a sweater. She spend days knitting it and neglected seeing him too much. When she gave it to him, he said I thank you for it but I would have rather had your daily presence. (God too)

B-Because God Deserves Your Worship: Ex.34:10

For thou shalt worship no other god: for the LORD, whose name is Jealous, is a jealous God:

The word Worship means worth-ship. He is worthy to be worshiped. I know how much God means to you by your worship Him.

God deserves our worship and when he does not get it, He is jealous. For most of the times when this happen, man is worshiping something else.

No ball player has a right to be jealous of another for they are not the only ballplayer. But God does, because He is the only true God.

Put yourself in God’s place. How would feel if you created this earth and saw man like in Exodus worshiping a frog, etc.?

Yet mighty as He is, He still wants and deserves our Worship of Him.

Collins, the freethinker or deist, met a plain countryman going to church. He asked him where he was going. "To church, sir." "What to do there?" "To worship God." "Tell me, is your God a great or a little God?" "He is both, sir." "How can he be both?" "He is so great, sir, that the heavens cannot contain him; and so little that he can dwell in my heart." Collins declared, that this simple answer from the countryman had more effect upon his mind than all the volumes which learned doctors had written against him.

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