Summary: Some have come to the well in time of thirst, but some live there.


Genesis 25:11

And it came to pass after the death of Abraham, that God blessed his son Isaac. And Isaac dwelt by the well La-hai-roi.

La-hai-roi in Hebrew means well of the living one who sees me.

This is the well where Hagar once found strength and help when Sarah had dealt harshly with her. Here an angel had spoken unto her and had given her direction and encouragement.

Another time when Hagar and her son Ishmael had been driven into the wilderness and were dying of thirst, the living God had opened up a well unto them and mercifully delivered them.

The point I want to make is that Hagar and Ishmael’s visits to the well were sort of like a trip to the store. It was a visit in time of need, much like the visits many pay to the Lord today: In time of need, in time of thirst crying out for the well, but then forsaking it until the canteen runs dry again.

But our scripture today speaks of a better way. It says Isaac dwelt by the well. He made the well of the living, all seeing God his constant source of supply.

Now I am not talking about a natural well; a hole in the ground. I am talking about the well that was the source for Abraham, Isaac and Jacob: The well of God’s promise.

You see, Isaac dwelt by the well, no matter where the Philistines drove him to, because where Isaac went the blessing went.

Jesus said, The water that I give will become in you a well, springing up into everlasting life.

If we only seek the well in times of thirst or in time of trouble, we will miss most of the real blessings of God. We will miss the true fellowship and guiding hand that would have perhaps have steered us away from the trouble.

Is it not better to dwell by the well, to drink each day and be refreshed, and to walk strong in that nourishment than to wait until thirst has driven us nearly to collapse before we seek the well?

Scripture tells us that Isaac sowed in that land and reaped 100 fold in the same year and waxed great.

You see, when you dwell by the well, you just do better.

Some have come to the well in time of thirst, but some live there. They have water to spare; water to give others.

But, dwelling by the well is not without problems.

You see, someone took a look and got afraid and wanted to separate Isaac from the well.

God’s promise is a well that never goes dry, but there is one who wants to separate you from the promise of God. His name is Satan, and he doesn’t want you dwelling and drinking from the promises of God. He knows when you drink from the well of the living God it will become in you a well springing up and flowing out to others.

Abimileck and the Philistines sort of gave Isaac the left foot of fellowship. They asked him to leave.

Isaac wound up in a place called the valley of Gerar.

The Hebrew translation is the dry valley.

Genesis 26:17 says, and Isaac departed thence and pitched his tent in the valley of Gerar and dwelt there.

How many ever had someone come along and say some mean or hurtful words to you and you went from dwelling by the well to pitching your tent in the dry valley?

Listen, you need to hear this. It is important.

Isaac went from dwelling by the well to dwelling in the dry valley. Here is Isaac and his family and all his servants.

What you do in the dry valley is going to affect more than just yourself.

Dads, if you don’t come to Sunday School and church, in time your kids won’t come either.

What will Isaac do? He has been pushed from dwelling by the well to dwelling in a dry valley.

Read chapter 26 verse 18. And Isaac digged again the wells of water.

Verse 19. And Isaacs servants digged in the valley and found there a well of springing (living) water.

Isaac uncovered a well in the dry valley.

If Satan has pressed you into a dry valley; flood it. Flood it with the promises of God. Dig into God’s promises.

There is a fountain. His name is Jesus, the smitten Rock. A well of comfort when you have been dealt harshly with like Hagar. A springing up of life for those dying of thirst in the wilderness. A healing stream of love and forgiveness. He is the well of life. There is no other fountain.

Will you make a determination today to live by the well: Under the shadow of the Almighty?

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