Summary: God said prophesy; The wind is blowing again (you might see a valley of dry bones) but God sees an army just waiting for his voice and the wind to blow again.

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Ezekiel 37:1-37:10

I know I won't win any popularity contests with this word, but I am not just a preacher (I am a watchman on the wall, and I have a God given responsibility when I see the sword coming to sound the alarm)

God told Ezekial: When you see the sword coming and you don’t sound the alarm then the sword will come and take them away but their blood will I require at your hands.

But if you sound the alarm and they don’t listen, they don’t heed the warning (the sword will come and take them away but their blood will not be on your hands, because you sounded the alarm and they refused to listen.

So I stand in this pulpit tonight not just as a preacher, but also as a watchman on the wall. (I could stand up here and tell you that everything is going to get better and better, and the economy is going to get better and better and the morality and integrity of this nation is going to get better and better and that anti-semitism and racial strife and prejudice is going to get better and better and that our government is going to get better and better, and that all the tension with Iraq and Iran and North Korea and Russia is just going to dissolve into world peace.

(But if I did I would be a Liar)

I know there are a lot of so called prophets that prophesy peace peace ( everything is wonderful) and it’s just going to get better ) but it’s not true.

Jeremiah 8:11 Says: For they have healed the hurt of the daughter of my people slightly, saying, Peace, peace; when there is no peace.

That means the false prophets have put a band aid over a cancer and said it’s going to be alright.

I want you to know that Yes God is good and God is going to bless his people, and yes God is going to protect and prosper his own.

But I also see the sword of Judgment falling on the sleepy laodician church of America, (There are so many of these silver tongued smooth talking prophets that are telling the church that everythings fine.

But everything is not fine: God is not happy with what is happening in his church (it is not a time of peace, it is not a time to be asleep like Jonah the prophet.

It’s a time of war (It’s time for the church to beat her plowshares into swords) It’s time for the farmers to fight.

I know I’m speaking against many of these false prophets of the hour (but I’m telling you judgement is coming, in fact it’s already beginning.

In Ezekial Ch 9: He has a vision and in the Vision He sees those who love God and Serve God and Hate evil that sigh over the abominations that are being committed around them and he sees them being sealed, (That is being marked by God, marked as redeemed, marked as righteous.

Then he sees Judgement coming right after that: And the Lord said to the slayers, go after them and anyone you find who does not have the mark of God in their foreheads. (slay them young and old, male and female) and start at the house of God.

Although my heart is heavy as I speak this word I also have the great joy of telling you, that even in the midst of wrath and Judgment God will make his mercy known and visit us again with great Revival.

In Ezekial 37 Ezekial was given a vision

It was spiritual: It was a vision from God.

In a vision God revealed to Ezekial the spiritual and moral condition of the house of Israel.

Or we could say the Church of that day.

It was a description of how far Israel had fallen from her divine calling and position as the children of God.

It was a brutally true and honest assessment of Israel's lack of spirituality and God-consciousness (they were very dry) this means they were very far from God, and had no desire for God.

This is the first thing the Prophet is greeted by in his vision (A valley full of brokenness, broken disjointed dry bones. )


Because the first step to healing is honest assessment, recognizing, admitting, there is a sickness.

The first step to the solution is admitting you have a problem.

Now after God reveals Israel's nakedness, and uncovers her hypocrisy and shows Ezekiel the true condition of the nation of Israel, (symbolically the church).

God asked the Prophet the question; (Can these bones live again?)

In other words:

Is there hope for these bones?

Can they be restored?

Let me bring it home:

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