Summary: One righteous person plus God is a unanimous majority / The Holy Invisible Ones outnumber the rest of us

In the Bible Saint Paul mentions an innumerable company of angels (Hebrews 12:22). And likewise Saint John, after experiencing a supernatural vision, describes numbers of angels that he saw. And the number of them was 10,000 times 10,000 and thousands of thousands (Revelation 5:11). Here are some interesting things that an ancient document tells us about the orders of angels :

The heavenly powers, what they are like and how each of their orders is occupied in the service and plan of this world : As they are set in order one after another from the lowest until we reach those who carry our Lord Jesus the Messiah and bear him up. The lowest order is the angels. And the plan has been revealed to it by God concerning every human whom they watch over, because one angel from this order accompanies every single human in the world for protection and this is its service. The 2nd order is the archangels. This is the service: directing everything in this creation according to the plan of God, Whether powers or animals, birds, creeping things, fishes and whatever exists in this creation besides humans they care for it and guide it. The 3rd order is the archons. This is the service: moving the air so that a cloud rises. And this order makes all the variations in the atmosphere, sometimes rain and sometimes snow, sometimes hail and sometimes dust. Thunder and lightning also belong to this order.

The 4th order is authorities. This is the service: the administration of the lights of the sun and the moon and the stars. The 5th order is the powers. This is the service: They keep the demons from destroying the creation of God out of their jealousy for humans. For if the cursed nature of the demons were allowed to accomplish the lust of its will, in an hour and a moment they would overthrow the whole creation. But the divine power stops them, for a watch is set over them. The 6th order is the dominions. This is the service: they rule over kingdoms, and in their hands are victory and defeat in battle. And this is shown by the example of the Assyrian king (Sennacherib). For when he went up against Jerusalem an angel ascended and ravaged the camp of the wicked and 185,000 died in one moment. And wherever there is victory or defeat these bestow it at the prompting of the living God who commands them in the hour of battle

These other orders, thrones, seraphim and cherubim stand before the majesty of our Lord Jesus the Messiah and serve the throne of his magnificence glorifying him hourly with their 'holy holy holy'. The cherubim bear up and reverence his throne and keep the seals. The seraphim serve the inner chamber of our Lord. The thrones guard the gate of the holy of holys. This is the explanation of the services according to the plan of the angels in this world.

There is an old saying that Love darkens counsel, and the Penguin Dictionary of Proverbs contains a number of sayings that connect with this including, One cannot love and be wise. These sayings seem to connect with things that Saint Paul said at 1 Corinthians 7:32-33 about the implications of being married. And they also connect with the notable mistake of king Solomon. Solomon found out the hard way that Love darkens counsel after impious women caused him to backslide. Read 1 Kings 11:1-11. And there is that relevant story about Samson and Delilah in the book of Judges.

It seems that genuine Christians are being tested nowadays to see if they are willing to show constancy to purpose against a high profile adverse influence. It is reasonable for us to pray for l.g.b.t. persons that God would transform them from what they are to what they ought to be. But for us to pander to their desire to destigmatize perversion and encourage them to feel glad about being perverse is unreasonable. As things get worse genuine Christians should pray for courage, enough courage not to pander to the onslaught of bad influence being propagated by the community of antichrist. Do not join the side of cowardly apostate clergy who insist that we should turn Bible doctrine and its sexual ethics upside down to cure the inferiority complex of a perverse minority.

Source figures say that in 6/2020 the USA adult l.g.b.t. community was about 4.5% of the adult population. In 7/2021 I read an article on Premier Christian News containing words from a man who accused certain Irish clergy of lacking courage because they were not willing to support l.g.b.t. causes. Clearly this man's definition of courage is warped. The Bible says, Be of good courage (Psalm 27:14). This implies that there is more than one kind of courage and here are some relevant sayings : Courage is a virtue only so far as it is directed by prudence. Love of courage without love of learning degenerates into recklessness. Discretion is the better part of valour. That last one implies that what appears to be courage may be foolish rashness and what appears to be cowardice may be wise caution.

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