Summary: To toe the Jesus’ style of ministry which was all about PRACTICING FIRST BEFORE PREACHING.

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ACTION: Display of picture of the Enthroned Jesus

’Jesus is the winner man, the winner man, the winner man…I am on the winning side, on the winning side, on the winning side’… so resonates a melodious praise number (usually sung by the youth), in the Church portals, every now & then.

Normally we His ministers have a call of serving Him in the following areas’ of the spiritual realm (yes there are Socio-spiritual works which are also pleasing unto the Lord but in this message mostly I intend to focus on the Spiritual realm )

a) reaching the unreached (Matthew 28:18-20),

b) strengthening His flock (John 21:15) with the greenest of the green grass -His Word-

c) even while being constantly on the look-out to search & save the back-slidden lot (James 5:19-20),

Whilst going about our God-honoring tasks, have we ever considered by applying what ‘formula’ can we bring a ‘ winning success’ to our Ministry?

Permit me to digress a little, in these the days of Corporate clichés’ where the aim is quite often in finding ‘the winning formula’ (other things remaining constant a team of a competent manager with well-motivated sub-ordinates complementing each other is said to be a winning formula), as it would automatically lend itself to success, is it not also worthwhile to ponder on the ‘winning formula’ Christ adopted in his earthly mission with the results which is all there to see.

First & foremost, He lived a life pleasing unto God, was filled with His Spirit (Luke 4:1), formed a team of His own & led them by the power of His example before passing on the baton to them. His disciples were always there with Him & for Him…till they deserted Him temporarily at the time of crucifixion in fulfillment of the prophecy in Zechariah 13:7– only to re-unite with Him & re-align themselves in line with His vision for this world so much so that they eventually became men who would turn this world topsy-turvy (Acts 17:6) or should we say, this world, which was upside down till then, right side up.

It is pertinent to recall here that no special privileges were conferred upon the Son of God, when he donned the robe of flesh. From birth till baptism, it had been a life of complete submission to His Father’s will, even if it meant suffering (Heb 2:17-18) & eating bread by the sweat of his brow in poverty & obscurity.


ACTION: Picture of Jesus baptism with the words of Heavenly commendation as found in Matt 3:16

Subjection to God’s will would lead to a spirit-filled ministry, as naturally as an exposure to sun would produce the heating effect in any metal. Spirit-filled ministry in turn would impact the people for good, just as the ministry of Jesus’ did bringing thousands of sheep

a) outside (Samaritans for instance… John 4:39-42) &

b) within God’s pen fold - but had strayed astray-

to repentance (e.g.…Zacchaeus the Tax Collector in Luke 19:9-10),

even while having a re-invigorating effect on those who already trusted God (the family of Bethany sisters’ & Lazarus for instance).

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