Just Announced: Philippians Sermon Series

Summary: A Biblical view of the woman’s role


"Every wise woman builds her house, but the foolish plucks it down with her hands"

Proverbs 14:1

As the end of the age draws near, Satan’s assault on the family, the cornerstone of society, increases at a feverish pace. His once subtle attack on womanhood has grown in intensity as motherhood, marriage, and the traditional roles of women have been revised, ridiculed and rejected by the majority of Western culture. Satan’s devious design to convert our once strong patriarchal authority system to the un-Biblical Third-world matriarchal system is becoming more and more obvious even to the casual observer.

However, standing in direct opposition to his destructive plan is God’s Word. As Solomon tells us, "Every wise woman builds her house..." showing that the wisdom of God has not changed with the pressures to conform, but concludes that the wise woman will follow Biblical guidelines to fulfill God’s glorious calling for her life, regardless!!

Ruth 4:11 illustrates this foundational truth for us as Rachel and Leah are biblical role models for Ruth. They are commended for building "the house of Israel." What was their claim to Biblical commendation? They were the mothers of the children of Jacob/Israel, the father of the twelve tribes of the nation of Israel! What a glorious calling, to be singled out by the God of Heaven to bear and nurture the children that God would use to bring salvation through the Lord Jesus Christ for the whole human race, and establish the physical descendants of Abraham.

The opportunity for this type of glorious service to the King of kings still exists today, to the wise and Godly woman who will say "amen" to God’s will for her life as outlined in God’s holy Word! From the Creation account in Genesis throughout the New Testament, the Bible provides guidance for the "Wise Woman of God." We will examine these guiding principles and divide them up into three specific categories.

I. God’s Glory for the Wise Woman

II. God’s Goals for the Wise Woman

III. God’s Goodness in the Wise Woman

First of all, God’s Glory is revealed in the Wise Woman as she recognizes God’s purpose for her in His original Creation authority structure. The Lord, by creating male/female in all the animal kingdom, did so for the purpose of function; not to show that one was more important than the other, but that there were specific functions that each was responsible to perform.

The male is the normal leader and agressor, while the female is more passive; following, serving, submitting, and bringing herself under the authority of her husband as the husband is under the authority of God. It was and is God’s plan for authority structures to be established and maintained throughout all His creative order, but most important is His crowning creative act, making man in His own image, giving him dominion over all creation. God performed a special work, breathing life into man and from him created man’s helper, the woman (Genesis 1-3).

Secondly,God’s Glory is revealed in the Wise Woman as she realizes the impact she can have on the spiritual Kingdom of God by winning, building, and strengthening her husband (I Pet. 3:1-7).

Third, God’s Glory is revealed in the Wise Woman as she recognizes her role is the key to sound authority sructures I.E. the family, the church, the government. Because she is the one God has placed under the leadership/headship of man and in that position of servant/helper, she has the option to rebel against the direction given her, creating disorder and confusion, or she can obey, creating order and discipline according to God’s will

(I Corinthians 11:3,8,9).

Fourth, God’s Glory is revealed in the Wise Woman as she rejoices in the opportunity God has given her for eternal reward. As a servant, she is placed in the same exalted position the Lord Jesus was in when He came to earth, to serve and not to be served (Mark 10:42-45).

Fifth, God’s Glory is revealed in the Wise Woman as she remembers the Godly women of old, who rose to the occasion and stood firm, serving the God of Heaven in times of crisis I.E. Deborah the judge of Israel, and Esther the one whom God used to save multitudes of exiled Israelites from certain death (Judges 4,5 Esther).

Sixth, God’s Glory is revealed in the Wise Woman as she refuses to be moved away from her glorious calling by the pressures from society, peers, false teaching and uninformed authorities, but her heart remains fixed on doing God’s will as given in His precious Word (Romans 12:1,2)


God’s Goals for the Wise Woman encompass three specific areas: The Wise Woman’s Seniority, The Wise Woman’s Priority, and The Wise Woman’s Authority.

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