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Summary: A very unusual message about Mary Magdalene. This sermon uses the the powerful deliverance of Mary to speak to us about how to really fall in love with Jesus.

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David Smith

2/14/99 a.m. @ Trenton Church of God

Text: Luke 8:1-3

Not she with traders kiss her master stung,

Not she deny him with unfaithful tongue

She, when apostles fled, would dangers brave

Last at the cross, and first at the grave

I have heard a lot of preachers preach about great biblical characters (David, Moses, etc.).

Never Mary Magdalene

The reason = we identify her as a prostitute.

There is no proof, other than tradition. There is a lesson to be learned from this woman.

The body of Christ is always assuming and presuming about individuals.

Assume = To suppose as a fact, without basis or evidence.

When we are not assuming, we are presuming!

Presume = To accept as a fact until final proof to the contrary is given.

(Guilty until proven innocent).

Because we assume & presume, we cripple our ability to receive from one another.

This congregation will assume something from me, or not.

Some will be able to receive from me, or not.

You will be able to receive from me, only if you assume nothing about me.

Nobody wants to be like Mary Magdalene. Because, no one wants to be associated with a prostitute.

Again, we have no basis for this assumption.

Mary Magdalene . . .

· Mentioned 14 times in the bible

· 8 of 14 she is in a list, at the top

· 3 times the apostles are listed. Simon Peter is 1st

· 5 times she is mentioned in identification with the resurrection.

· 14 times she is mentioned.

· She is never mentioned in a dishonorable way.

If we don’t have any goods against her, why don’t we want to be like her?

We assume & presume.

The enemy has used this rumor against her, to keep us from receiving from her.


(1). She came from a town called Magdella.

(2). The Talmut mentions Mary in Magdella (Miriam with the braided lots).

(3). A theologian (lightfoot) took that info, and penned the reputation of a prostitute upon Mary Magdalene.

(4). Another historian (Jerome) took the “Magdella” part of her name = Watchtower, and says it shows the steadfastness of her faith.

(5). Another historian takes the “De” = greatness, and says it shows her greatness in ministering unto the Lord.


However, the overriding common view of MM, is that she is Miriam with the braided lots.

We have taken 1 passage in Luke, where a woman from the center comes to anoint Jesus’ body. This is a prostitute

1. Luke knows who she is. 2. Luke does not identify her.

We want to make this woman Mary Magdalene.

The Holy Spirit plainly mentions her 14 other times.

Why would the Holy Spirit conceal her identity here only?

We have made this woman a prostitute, and the devil has rejoiced.

People would rather believe the worst about you, than the best about you.

(Read text)

Verse 2 never mentions sex or prostitution.

In order to understand Mary Magdalene, you have to understand the nature of demons.

The #1 attack of Demons is your mind.

MM had 7 devils. She was under perfect control of Satan.

I believe she was mentally disturbed.

I. The #1 Sign of an attack of Satan = A LACK OF PEACE

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