Summary: A sermon examining the benefits of the Christian life.

The Wonderful Christian Life

2 Peter 1:1-2

At Christmas time there are certain movies that are a must see each year. Once such film is the James Stewart classic, "It's A Wonderful Life". The movie tells the story of George Bailey, a man who has given up his dreams in order to help others. He was at the point of suicide on Christmas Eve until his guardian angel Clarence intervened. Clarence shows George all the lives he has touched and how different life in his community of Bedford Falls would be had he never been born. By the end of the story, Bailey realizes just how blessed he truly is.

Sometimes we forget just how blessed we are as children of God. God has given to us mercy, grace, love and salvation. The reason God's grace is so amazing is because we could never deserve it.

Some time ago, a wealthy man was rushing home from a long day at the office. As he passed by an underpass he noticed a dirty...weary lady huddling over her young child. They were homeless. The man was greatly impacted by this sight and felt compelled to help. He went home and picked up his wife. They immediately returned to the underpass and reached out to this young lady. They convinced her to go home with them. Upon arriving home they cooked them a large meal. While the meal was cooking the man's wife got them cleaned up and gave them a change of clothes. For the first time in years the mother and child slept in a nice warm bed. The next day this benevolent couple took them to the mall and purchased them several sets of clothes. They even bought some toys for the young child. The mother was overwhelmed by their gratitude and began to cry. She said this is too much! There is no way that I will ever be able to repay you for all that you have done. The couple assured her that she did not owe them anything in return. The homeless lady replied that she did not deserve all that they had done for her and her child. They replied "it is not about what you deserve and we do not expect you to repay us... it is what we choose to do for you and we are happy to do it.

That is how it is with God's grace. It is not about what we deserve, we could never repay Him for all that He has done. He chose to do this for us! God has poured out His love on us... AND WE NEVER COULD HAVE DESERVED IT! ! We all deserve to spend an eternity in Hell! But because of Christ we possess an amazing life. Consider some of the benefits of the Christian Life.

1. We possess a new life - It is a life of purpose. It is an abundant life. It is a victorious life. It is an eternal life.

2. We have a new family - We are children of God. We are joint heirs with Jesus. We are brothers and sisters in Christ.

3. We have a new freedom - We are free from the law. We are free from the chains of sin. We are free from guilt and shame. We are free from fear. There is no need for us to fear Death, Hell. The Grave or Satan. We have been redeemed, set free and forgiven.

4. We have a new home - It is an eternal home. It is a beautiful home...The walls are made of jasper. The city is made of pure, transparent gold, there is a crystal river, gates of pearl and the foundation is comprised of many precious gemstones.

5. We have the promise of a reunion in that place - The Angels are there. The Saints of old are there. The Prophets and Apostles are there. Many of our loved ones are there. Our Heavenly Father is there. One day we will see Him face to face. We will serve Him! We will worship Him! We will adore Him! We will praise Him!! Our Savior is there. We will bow before the Precious Lamb of God. We will cry Holy, Holy, Holy is the Lord God almighty! What we have seen by faith will then become sight! We will see the scars on His hands, His feet and on His brow. We will feel His arms around us and hear Him say "well done thou good and faithful servant"! We are promised to be with Him for eternity!

6. There are certain things that won't in Heaven - No more sickness, no more pain, no more crying, no more sadness, no more grief, no more death, No more sin and no more Satan.

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