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Summary: As words is a form of communication when we speak to one another, Jesus Christ is God’s word communicated to us.

(1) In the O.T., God’s glory dwelled in the tabernacle and in the temple. But the glory had

left disobedient Israel.

(2) The glory of God came back to His people again in the person of Jesus Christ.

(3) The Gospels give us a picture of our Lord’s life on earth: Matthew wrote to the Jews

saying Jesus fufilled the O.T. prohecies; Mark wrote to the busy Romans presenting a

Servant Ministring to needy people; Luke writes his Gospel for the Greeks and introduces

them to the sympathetic Son of Man.

(4) John writes to both Jews and Gentiles, presenting Jesus as the Son of God. John says

Jesus not only fufilled the O.T. prophecies, but also fufilled the types:

- Jesus is the Lamb of God and the ladder from Heaven to Earth.

- Jesus is the new Temple and gives us a new birth.

- He is the serpent lifted up and the Bread of God that came down from Heaven.

(5) The first three Gospels discribes events in the life of Christ, but John’s Gospel give

the "Bread Of Life" sermon Jesus preached after the miracle, interpreting the miracle.


A. Jesus is the word of God

- Our words reveal our hearts and minds, so Jesus Christ is God’s "word" to reveal His heart and mind to us (John 14:19).

- A word is compose of letters, and Jesus Christ is "Alpha and Omega", the first and

last letters of the Greek alphabet (Hebrews 1:1-3).

- Jesus is the Eternal word (vv1,2).

- Jesus is the creative word (v.3).

B. The essential for human life: Air, water, food, and light.

- Jesus is all of these.

- Jesus not only has life and gives life, but He is life.

- Creation began with "let there be light". The new creation begins with the entrance of

light into the heart of the believer.

C. The light of Jesus will open up the eyes of a blind sinner.

- When Jesus communicated Spiritual truths, people did not understand it and opposed


- Whenever Jesus taught a Spiritual truth, His listeners interpreted it in a material or

physical way: the temple of His body, the new birth, the living water, eating His flesh, spiritual freedom, death as sheep, and many other truths.

- Satan strives to keep people in the darkness, because darkness means death and hell, while light means life and heaven.


THE LIGHT (V.6-13)

A. John was sent as a witness to tell people that Jesus, the light, had come into the


- The nation of Israel had all the spiritual advantages, but was blind to their own Messiah.

- Because of their ignorance, they killed John the Baptist.

B. Jesus is the true light

- Jesus was the original of which every other light is a copy.

- the Jews were content with ther copies: Moses and the law, the temple and their


- They did not understand that these copies pointed to Jesus, who was the fufillment, the completion of O.T. religion.

C. The people Jesus came to minister to was so shackled by religious tradition that they

could not understand spiritual truth.

- Jesus came into His own world which He had created, but His people, Israel, could not

understand Him

-They saw His works, heard His words, and seen His perfect life. Jesus is the way, but they would not walk with Him. Jesus is the truth, but they

would not believe Him. Jesus is the life, and they crucified Him.

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