Summary: Talk about the Word(Ie God) and what all it means to our lives

1 John 1:1-4

The Word of Life

I. Introduction

a. We will be studying the book of 1 John for the next couple of weeks

b. First John is a very fascinating book

c. The author of 1 John is believed to be John who was the author of John and whom many feel was the author of Revelations.

d. The reason that John wrote this particular book was because many people were slipping away from the teachings of Christ

i. This was about 3 or 4 generations past Christ.

ii. There was false doctrine and false teaching being taught

e. Like many books of the New Testament this letter’s purpose was to steer people back to the correct course

i. By the way wouldn’t it be nice if we did not have to spend so much time steering people back on the right course?

f. Today we are going to look at the first four verses of this book

g. Most of Paul’s letters have introductions.

h. John on the other hand gets right to the point. He does not have a greeting.

i. Today we are going to look at the Word of life. (Read Passage)

II. Life of the Word (1)

a. Explanation

i. First of all the Word according to John = Jesus (John 1:1)

ii. Now John goes to great lengths here to say That Jesus has been around since the beginning

iii. This is a very important statement

iv. This proves that Jesus is God and that the trinity as we know it is true.

v. Otherwise the Word would not be from the beginning

vi. John is writing this as a person who actually got to spend time with Jesus. He has seen Jesus. He knows who Jesus is and can testify that he saw Jesus.

b. Application

i. This is a very important point to understand

ii. Jesus is really God

iii. There is proof that He existed eternally.

iv. There is proof that He walked on this Earth

v. John is testifying to that

vi. We need to testify to that as well.

vii. We need to realize that Christ the Lord is true

viii. We need to act like He is true

ix. Jesus is the greatest thing that could ever have happened to us. We need to get exited about it!

c. Illustration

i. I was able to talk to Pastor Budeat the other day. It was really nice to hear from him. I had not talked to him in about 4 or 5 years. When he asked me how I was doing the first two things out of my mouth were “I got married and I am the Pastor at Bakerstown”

ii. Why did I tell him those two things?

iii. Simple. They make me happy and they are the best things that have happened to me recently.

iv. The Word of God, Jesus, needs to make you exited. If it doesn’t check your pulse to see if you’re still alive.

III. Life Shared With the Word (2-3)

a. Explanation

i. Because of the Life of the Word, we are now able to have a life Shared with the Word!

ii. That is something that is amazing

iii. You will notice it says fellowship here a couple of times

iv. This fellowship is far more then just a church picnic,

v. This particular word is used 12 times in the whole Bible.

vi. Fellowship, in Greek, KOINIONIA, means “companionship, a relationship in which parties hold something in common. Christians have fellowship with the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit as well as with each other.

b. Application

i. Fellowship is much more then playing horse shoes at a park,

ii. More then eating at Susie Q’s down in Mars.

iii. Fellowship is enjoying the company of God and other Christians

c. Illustration

i. Imagine if you went to your mailbox and received a letter from President Bush. This personal handwritten letter was an invitation to the White House for Dinner and Fellowship. You would undoubtedly be exited. You would be anxiously looking forward to fellowshipping with the President

ii. Allow me to ask a rhetorical question, who is more important God or the President?

iii. We have the ability to fellowship every day with the greatest person ever.

iv. We have the opportunity to enjoy our family here at Bakerstown in a special way because of our Life shared with the Word. If we did not have Christ in common with each other, our fellowship could not be as special and unique as it is.

v. Take advantage of the special opportunity

IV. Life Enjoyed with the Word (4)

a. Explanation

i. For John, one of the aims of writing this book was to tell of the joy that there is when the believer experiences fellowship with Jesus

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