Summary: The Spirit works in the lives of believers

The Work of the Spirit

Acts 2:1-41

I. The Holy Spirit Empowers

A. The Spirit gives us strength

1. Our human weakness is replaced with divine strength

2. We are given strength to overcome life’s difficulties

B. The Spirit gives us power

1. The Spirit creates new spiritual energy within us

2. The Spirit charges our lives in a positive way

II. The Holy Spirit Equips

A. The Spirit gives us ability beyond ourselves

1. We are given an ability to resist sin

2. We are moved to live beyond our current level

a.) The Spirit gives us a raise in our quality of life

b.) The Spirit challenges us to go forth and grow

B. The Spirit grants us gifts

1. Spiritual gifts build us up for the Kingdom

2. Spiritual gifts enhance and develop our service for the Kingdom

III. The Holy Spirit Enlightens

A. The Spirit gives direction and guidance

1. The Spirit reveals God’s way and God’s will

2. The Spirit reveals God’s direction for life

B. The Spirit gives wisdom and knowledge

1. The Spirit gives inspiration

2. The Spirit teaches us

a.) The Spirit opens our heart and mind to the Word of God

b.) The Spirit instructs us about living by application of God’s Word to our daily life

IV. The Holy Spirit Encourages

A. The Spirit builds up

1. The Spirit refreshes our walk with God

2. The Spirit reveals the best parts of our lives

B. The Spirit supplies the courage

1. The Spirit moves us out beyond ourselves

a.) The Spirit encourages us to keep the faith

b.) The Spirit moves us to go out

2. The Spirit brings us courage

a.) We can face everything God wants us to do

b.) We can move with boldness for God


I. Will you be ready for the Spirit to come?

A. The young farmhand

1. The farmhand made a statement to the farmer: “I can sleep when the wind blows”

2. Prepared for the storm

a.) A violent storm was moving into the area

b.) The farmer quickly checked everything to be sure that they would be ready for the storm. All was in order

B. The farmhand was right

1. The farmer realized what the farmhand meant

a.) The farmer realized that the farmhand was completely prepared all of the time

b.) They were always ready for the storm

2. There was no reason to fear the wind

II. The Spirit prepares us to meet the challenges of life

A. Are you prepared? Are you ready for the wind to blow?

B. If God has touched you today – spend some time here at the altar in prayer

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