Summary: Sermon adapting Little Red Riding Hood to talk about the power Christians have in overcoming the world which is against us.


1 JOHN 4:1-7


THE STORY… Little Red Riding Hood (p)

Once upon a time there was a little girl; we’ll call her Little Red Riding Hood, who was heading to her grandmother’s house to make muffins. Little Red and her grandmother both loved fresh baked muffins right out of the oven. It was the plan for Little Red to pick up some extra special supplies for the muffins on her way to grandma’s house. Her grandmother was the expert on blending just the right ingredients to make the perfect muffins. Her grandmother gave her the plan and the places to stop for the best ingredients. Her grandmother also always talked over her path with her from one house to the other. Her grandmother laid out the perfect plan for her whenever they would get together for muffin-making. Little Red was excited and could not wait for fresh muffins. Little Red set out from her house on the pre-planned path to her grandmother’s house. It was not a short walk or a long walk, but a normal walk for a little girl.

As soon as Little Red left her house, a strong wind began to pick up. The wind ushered in some very mean dark clouds. Would rain come? Would wind blow her away down the street? She had just left her house and was considering turning back already. The wind whipped and whirled and whistled. The wind seemed to go right through her red hooded cloak and cut right to her little bones. Little Red Riding Hood continued to walk bravely into the wind. The wind ushered in some very dark clouds, but it also in just a few moments, the wind ushered them away again. The wind went from whipping and whirling and whistling to a steady calm. “I think I will just follow the plan! I will just stay on the path!” she said to herself.

Little Red had not gotten far from her house when she came to a cross street with a berry stand. Mr. Farmer always had the best berries for muffins. Little Red selected fresh blueberries and strawberries, paid Mr. Farmer, and put them in her basket. Her grandmother knew the way to mix berries for perfect muffins every time. Then she had to cross the street. It was not a busy street or a street with no traffic, but a normal street she had to cross.

Standing on the street corner was a Wolf. The Wolf smelled the fresh berries in her basket. “Little girl,” the Wolf called out, “I smell your berries from here! Could I trade you some berries for some of my magnificent walnuts? They are most excellent for baking!” Little Red Riding Hood thought for a moment… they could add nuts to the muffins. There is certainly nothing wrong with adding some nuts… even though it was never in the official plan. She started to go over to the Wolf to trade some of her berries and then remembered her grandmother. Little Red stopped in her tracks and realized she could not sell any of her berries. “I must follow the plan! I must stay on the path!” Little Red called out. She went on.

Little Red turned a corner on her journey and she spotted her neighborhood playground. The swings looked fun. Her friends were sliding down the slides and giggling. They beckoned her to come and play. Oh how she wanted to play! Little Red loved the marry-go-round and how it made her head swim and twirl. She started towards the playground, but as she approached remembered her grandmother. “I must follow the plan! I must stay on the path!” Little Red called out. All of the other children briefly called out and made fun of her for not coming and playing with them. She skipped away and didn’t mind.

Right after the playground she stopped into a corner store and picked up a new bag of bakers flour. The best ingredients were required for grandmother and their muffins! She walked up the aisle and grabbed the bakers flour. This was exactly what she needed! As she moved to the front of the store, she waited for her turn to check out. She was minding her own business when she saw it… the brand new Triple Chocolate Ooey Gooey Super Carmel Doodad Bar. Oh she had waited to try that new candy bar! She knew she had several more things to buy for the most excellent muffins. She could buy less flour and get the candy bar. She could eat the new Triple Chocolate Ooey Gooey Super Carmel Doodad Bar and no one would know. It would make her not want muffins. That would be okay! She turned and walked back to the aisle with the flour. She then remembered the smell of the most perfect muffins as they came from her grandmother’s oven. That was not to be missed! She whispered to herself, “I must follow the plan! I must stay on the path!” She turned quickly and went back to the check out. She bought the right amount of flour and turned up her nose willfully at the new Triple Chocolate Ooey Gooey Super Carmel Doodad Bar.

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