Summary: King Nebuchadnezzar’s program for re-education of the captives from Judah looks remarkably like what we see in our society today.

King Neb’s re-education program aimed at causing the captives to:

I. Compromise Their Ideals

A. For Them

1. Education

2. Diet

B. For Us

1. Education

2. Media

3. Send messages like:

a. Bible is not true/relevant

b. Christians are the minority

c. Christianity is not relevant

II. Lose Their Identity

A. For Them

1. Change Location

2. Education

3. New Names

4. New Language

B. For Us

1. Forget our Heritage

2. Not care for our Country

3. Lose sight of what a Christian is

III. Fall Into Idolatry

A. For Them

1. Education

2. New Names

B. For Us

1. Education

2. Confusion about Religion

3. Affluence of Society

How to combat the program of Re-education?

1. Compromise your Ideals = Know Your Bible

a. Know the Truth of God’s Word

b. Know the Reliability of God’s Word

2. Lose your Identity = Know Yourself

a. Realize your fleshly tendencies

b. Remember to Whom you belong

3. Fall Into Idolatry = Know Your God

a. Obey Him while you live

b. Trust Him with your life

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