Summary: This is a look at the life of Eve - the world’s 1st mother. In this message we will discuss 7 lessons every mother can learn from Eve. (This sermon is in "outline form." You will need to reformat the layout because of the way it appears on this site.)

The World’s 1st Mother

Gen. 2:18-5:2

ILL> Eve – “The World’s 1st Mother” (1st not worst!)

> 7 Advantages of Being 1st

> 7 Disadvantages of Being 1st

7 Lessons Every Mother Can Learn From Eve

1. God intends that you be a “help meet” for your husband

- Read Gen. 2:18, 20b-22

- A “help meet” was needed because man was “alone”

> “alone” = “to exist” or “to exist” by oneself

> “help meet” = “one who helps”

- It was not good that man was alone

> In all of creation this is the only thing that God says is “not good”

- As much as your children need you, your husband needs you more

> Your children will grow up and become independent (hopefully)

> Your husband won’t! (hopefully)

- Men it is good that you need your wives!!

2. God intends that you be “one” with your husband

- Read Gen. 2:23-25

- You need each other, so God wants you to “cleave” to each other

- He intends that you become “one” flesh (no longer independent!)

- You are to be “one” physically, emotionally, relationally, spiritually

- If this is achieved, you will be unashamed when you are “naked” (exposed) before each another

> This is NOT just physical

3. Don’t be led astray by deception

- Read Gen. 3:1-5

- The serpent, embodied by satan, spoke half truths & lies to Eve

- Eve stood there and listened

- Eve had a “conversation with the devil” and was deceived

> Read I Cor. 11:3

- If you get that close to him, you are vulnerable to his deception

- He doesn’t come as an ugly, repulsive devil, but as a crafty serpent

> The devil can, and does, speak through others!

> He still uses the same strategy - DECEPTION

> Test the spirits to see if they are of God (I John 4:1)

4. If you disobey God, you may lead your husband & family astray

- Read Gen. 3:6-10

- The first thing Eve did after eating of the forbidden fruit was give some to her husband

- This began a downward spiral that impacted her husband, her children, her children’s children, her children’s children’s children…

- Nobody sins against God in a vacuum – it always impacts somebody

- Like it or not, our children pay for our sins and wrong choices!

ILL> The Legacy we are Leaving to our Children

5. You must fight the urge to be unsubmissive to your husband

- Read Gen. 3:16

- When God said to Eve, “Your desire will be for your husband,” He did not mean that she would have a deep desire to be with Adam

> God meant that she would have a deep desire to be over Adam or take his place!

> This is the same desire that Lucifer had toward God!

- On the other hand, God granted this “rule” to her husband, Adam

> This was not because of Eve’s sin, but because it was God’s plan from the beginning

> Read 1 Tim. 2:11-13

- Wives submit to your husband’s leadership (Eph. 5:22-24; Col. 3:18)

- Husbands love your wives (Eph. 5:25; Col. 3:19)

6. There are no guarantees how your children will turn out

- Read Gen. 4:1-8

- One of Eve’s sons did not turn out the way she had hoped

- Cain disregarded the things of God

- Sin was “crouching” at his door

- He murdered his brother (and broke his mother’s heart)

- Eve may have sought to bring her boys up correctly, but they, like her, had free will

ILL> These children who are dedicated today have free will

- There are no guarantees – which, leads us to the next point…

7. You need to call upon the Lord

- Read Gen. 4:26b-5:2

- Mankind (male & female) began to call upon God Why?

- Because they realized they needed Him!!!

- You need God to be the mother & wife he has called you to be

- Call upon Him for help – it is essential!

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