Just Announced: Philippians Sermon Series

Summary: A series of sermon preached during the rebuilding of the church’s youth ministry.

Title: The Year of Rebuilding Part 2:

The preparation and the process of rebuilding

Text: Nehemiah Chapter 2 – 3


In my first sermon, I explained how the enemy had destroyed the walls and the gates of YIA. I said that the walls represents the protection of God while the gates represents the vision given to us by God, the gates represents what this ministry is heading. Without vision we lose the power and authority to do that which God wants us to do.

I said that in order for God’s protective wall to be formed there is no other way but for God’s people to fall and their knees and pray for this ministry. And that was what Nehemiah did, he prayed and fasted not only in chapter one but also in the three months period between chapter one and two. In doing so Nehemiah laid the whole foundation of the rebuilding process.

This week let us see how Nehemiah prepared for the work of rebuilding.

1. He waited for the Karios time.

Nehemiah waited for 4 months before he approached the King. I believed that Nehemiah was not a procrastinator as were some of us here. I believed that he was waiting for the karios time.

What is the karios time? It is God’s time. Chronos is man’s time. Nehemiah was patient and he waited for God’s time.

In similar way, as we begin our rebuilding process, as we look at the ruins around us, we can get impatient, and began to ask, when are we going to set up this or that. If we are not careful we may even become discourage with the apparent lack of progress.

I believed that we need to be patient, in implement each element of this ministry wait on the karios of God.

2. He was prepared even to die for his vision.

I said last week, that Nehemiah risked his life by appearing sad in front of the king. He was prepared to sacrifice his life in order to fulfill his mission.

John Chapter 12

24 "Truly, truly, I say to you, unless a grain of wheat falls into the earth and dies, it remains by itself alone; but if it dies, it bears much fruit.

3. He looked at God and not at man. (verse 8)

Nehemiah asked the King for two things that is a safe journey and also timber and the King granted his request. However in verse 8 Nehemiah make this statement that the reason the king granted his request was because God was on his side.

You see Nehemiah looked at God and not man. I believed that in Youth in Action, we must learn not to look at man but God alone. Though I am the one that is leading this ministry, I am merely God’s servant and instrument. The one and only leader is God, he is the one that is leading us in fulfilling the destiny which he had set for us.

If look at me, I may fail u at times because I am still a frail human being that makes lots of mistakes. But if you set your eyes upon God you are be sure that He will never disappoint u or fail u in any way.

I’ve seen so many church build on one man and when the man fall or is taken away, the whole church collapsed.

4. He shared the vision. (verse 17-18)

In verse 17 – 18, Nehemiah shared the vision, which God had given to him to a few man.

This speaks of two things:

a. Nehemiah spoke to only a few men, but he got almost the whole community to join in the rebuilding process as we will see in chapter three. This showed that the few man whom he had spoken to own the vision and began to spread it to the others. And this is the very thing which you need to do. You need to began to spread this fresh fire and vision of God to those who were once part of this ministry, but had somehow had grown discouraged and disappointed and challenged them to come back and build up this ministry.

We need own vision and spread it!

b. Secondly, Nehemiah does not believe in a one – man ministry. He knew that it takes teamwork and strategy in order to rebuild Jerusalem. I want to say this I too do not believe in a one man ministry. I desire that God will place each and every one of you here into the specific task of rebuilding and together we do the rebuilding.

c. He shared the vision. (verse 17-18)

In chapter 3, we see small groups of people, led by leaders as appointed by Nehemiah, repairing the walls and the gates of Jerusalem.

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