Summary: Can we say that the great passion of our life is the same as it is for our Lord?

"I Believe What The Bible Says …

… About the Zeal of Christ"

John 2:12-22

Each of us has a great passion in our life. For some it is family; for others it is recreation; still others, their work. The consuming passion of Jesus was the Lord’s House. As He came to the Temple, the Lord’s House, on this Passover, we see …

A. His Discovery. (v. 14)

1. Opportunity had become indifference.

The Jews were to share the love and Word of God with the Gentiles, (Isaiah 49:6), but by placing their moneychangers in the Court of the Gentiles they were preventing them from truly worshiping God.

2. Ministry had become merchandising.

Quite probably the practice of bringing sacrificial animals and converting currency started as an effort to simplify life for the pilgrims coming to Jerusalem. Unfortunately it had degraded to profit taking.

B. His Reaction. (v. 15)

1. Crafted a scourge.

The Lord’s intention was not to hurt but to humiliate. (A scourge of small cords would do little damage.)

2. Confronted the profiteers.

By driving out the cattle and sending out the dove sellers, Jesus disrupted their profit taking.

C. His Authority. (v. 16 - 18)

1. He is the Son of the Father.

Jesus did not say "the" Father’s house, or "our" Father’s house. He said "my" Father’s house.

2. He is the prophesied Messiah.

The disciples, versed in scripture, recalled Psalm 69:9, "For the zeal of thine house hath eaten me up," clearly a messianic prophecy.

D. His Objective. (v. 19 - 22)

1. That His disciples might remember.

After His crucifixion and resurrection, the disciples remembered these words of Christ.

2. That His disciples might believe.

Remembering His words, their faith in the scripture increased.

Can we say that the great passion of our life is the same as it is for our Lord?

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