Summary: A call to action in time of wars and rumors of wars.

To their Anger and Their Shame What has brought us to war in many areas of the world? Jesus warned us in scripture that there would be wars and rumors of wars, in many areas of the world. James 4:1-4From whence come wars and fightings among you? come they not hence, even of your lust that war in your members? Wars ,among nations and individuals, groups and yes even churches. It seems that everyone wants to, get theirs, before anyone else. What has brought us to such a shape, wars and rumors of wars, killings, senseless and non discriminate, babes ,children. Why do we fight? Fighting is caused by ,lust, lusting after something that someone else has, that you want. A girl, boy, position, title, land, money, power, greed, the list goes on and on. Jesus warned us about it, but many , yet today, have ignored that warning.Nation against nation, and for what, oil, land, and even revenge, senseless fighting over what someone did to some one else, he said this and she said that, is it worth killing, is it worth loosing a loved one? Thou shalt not kill. But the killing goes on, physical and spiritual. I’ve seen many who have been killed in their spirit by the almighty tung. We are told by Jesus to gather and not scatter, but many so called self righteous people, run these little ones out of church, by not keeping their tung in check, quick to listen and slow to speak, sound familiar? Ask yourself this question, Whats more important, Helping people come to Christ or Church Doctrine? Helping your loved one repent of their sins and accepting Jesus, or a dress code? Pulling someone out of the fire or making sure that they pay offerings? What is your objective? What is the churches objective? it should be the same objective that Jesus gave His life for. People talk so much about the Trial, Crusafixion, and resurrection of Jesus but where is their hearts, have they been, lulled into a type of religion, that obeys the flesh instead of the spirit? Jesus said that which is flesh is flesh and that which is spirit is spirit. Are we , who we aught to be, or have we become so relaxed that we are satisfied in our position? Jesus accepted us the way we were but He refuses to leave us there. Why do we war? Because we don’t ask God for the things that we desire, we don’t believe that He will deliver, some times people and nations war because of misguided belief that they are doing God a service. Musulems are a good example, they kill expecting to be rewarded by God in the after life. We lust after things that we don’t need, remember the Lords prayer, " Our Father which art in Heaven..... Give us, this day our daily bread......" Do we actually believe that God will, politicians often invoke Gods name in justifying their conquest of other nations, they believe that they are doing God a service. Lets see what James has to say about all this, James 4:2-4 ,Ye lust and ye have not; ye kill, and desire to have, and cannot obtain, ye fight and war, yet ye have not, because ye ask not.,....Ye adulterers and adulteresses, know ye not that the friendship of the world is at emenity with God? Strong words from a man of small stature, isn’t it ? What would happen to the church if all ministers took charge of their churches as the disciples did, would not there be a stronger church, with many wonderful things being done? This sermon is a call to action, getting the weak to become strong in their convictions to Christ and the strong to help the weak obtain victory in Jesus. Be not troubled by the things that are happening in the world, they will not harm you, If God be for us, Then who can be against us? Yes a call to action, doing things in the church, being a part of the out reach mission , to reach others before its too late. Not being afraid to speak out against unrightiouness and sin, not being afraid of telling the truth. How many here today believe that God has called you into a ministry and are afraid to speak up, raise your hands, be noted, be counted, be used for the glory of God. We have many people in the church that can help you follow the calling in your life, its time we all got to our Fathers business. Were not going to stop war we arent going to change the way the world thinks, but maybe we can change someone’s heart. Just say to your self, If God can use me, Im willing to follow Him. I am ,who I am, by the Grace of God. ars

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