Summary: The ten lepers knew that their physical condition was hopeless. No doctor, no priest, no pastor, could help them, only God could cure their Leprosy.

Step Out and Thank You

(a Post Covid Message)

Text: Luke 17: 11-19

May 17, 2020


In biblical times, leprosy was a terrible problem. The word was often used to describe a variety of skin diseases, but doctors believe most of the people suffered with what we now call Hansen’s disease. (1841-1912 a physician who discovered causative bacterium technical term for leprosy.) It starts with a white patch of skin that becomes numb, so much so that the victims cannot even feel a needle piercing the spot. The patch begins to spread all over the body and often manifests itself on the face, so the disease is impossible to hide. It then begins to form spongy tumors on the face and, at the same time, attacks the internal organs as well. The nerve endings become numb so the victim cannot tell when something is hurting him, like fire burning his hand. The leprosy itself was not fatal, but more lepers died from other diseases they contracted because of their weakened condition. Lepers were called “the walking dead,” and were kicked out of their homes and villages and forced to live in colonies with other lepers. They couldn’t work or worship at the temple.

It is very interesting for me because as we read the story Jesus didn’t touched them, as he din in Matthew 8:3-4. One came to Jesus and begged for healing and Jesus touched him and sent him to the priest in Jerusalem for his healing to be certified according to the commandment of the Law of Moses and detailed in Leviticus 14. Let’s take a closer look at what happened here.

a. These ten lepers did not get close to Jesus. We understand why. The nature of their disease and their law prevented it.

b. They stood far off as was customary.

c. This is interesting: they did not ask for healing. They simply said, "Have mercy upon us."

d. Jesus did not go to them and touch them and heal them.

e. He did not sprinkle dirt on them; or water. He did not breathe on them. He did not touch them in any way.

f. Jesus did not speak a word of healing to them. He did not say, Be healed!

g. He simply said, "Go, show yourselves to the priests in Jerusalem." This was for the purpose of certifying their healing according to the commandment given by Moses.

The ten lepers knew that their physical condition was hopeless. No doctor, no priest, no pastor, could help them, only God could cure their Leprosy. Therefore, when they saw Jesus they cried out, "Have mercy on us."

Focus: The Step Out and Thank You Attitude.

Where going to focus on the attitude of the Samaritan leper and see what’s important in our lives today as we battled so many different attacks of Satan

I. Understand God’s Instructions for us.

All these ten had to do was, Go, show yourselves to the priests in Jerusalem. What is hard about that? How difficult can that be? Walk from here to Jerusalem, present yourself to the priests at the Temple, let them examine you and let them certify that you are indeed as free from leprosy as you claim. It’s a piece of cake! The only energy expended will be in what is required to walk from this spot to Jerusalem. Anyone could do it. Could you do it? For nine of the ten leper guys, it would be a “sumakay ka pa attitude”.. A walk in the park. No sweat. No problem. It would be an opportunity for them to visit the big city and walk among the crowds they had not walked among possibly for years. Nine of these Jewish lepers could do this. But wait!

Don’t forget there is a Samaritan among them. This fact adds a new dimension to this story. It complicates things. Seriously complicates things.

Jesus said to them all, Go, show yourselves to the priest! Nine of them could have heard that and instantly turned and began the walk to Jerusalem. But what about the Samaritan? He could unable to believe what he has just heard from Jesus.

He could have been dumb founded when he hears Jesus say, "Go, show yourself to the priest." He could have answered back saying, Who? Me? Show myself to the priest? Me? A Samaritan outcast? Go to Jerusalem and walk into the Temple court? You’ve got to be kidding! That’s ok for my Jewish buddies but not for me. I know what is written on the front gate. If I go to Jerusalem and walk inside the Temple Courtyard I’ll die on the spot.

This man who is already an outcast from society because of his leprosy is now a double outcast. He is an outcast because he is a leper. He is an outcast because he is a Samaritan. Unlike his nine Jewish friends he has no access to the priest in Jerusalem. But that’s where Jesus tells them to go.

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