Summary: Three reasons why churches die.

There Are More Fish In The Sea - John 21:1-6


A young boy attended his father’s church for the first time. During the whole service the young boy was bored to tears and couldn’t wait for the service to end. When the service was finally over the father in the son were in the vestibule shaking hands with the pastor. The young boy noticed a plaque that was on the wall that had the names of all the men who died in WWI and WWII. When he saw the plaque he asked his father what the plaque was for. The father said, "Well son, that plaque has the names of all the people who died in the service." The young boy said, "Which one, the morning or evening?" The sad thing is that most people feel that way about the average church. Most churches across America today or either stagnant or declining. Both situations are a picture of a dying church. The church ought to constantly be growing and going for the Lord Jesus Christ. In today’s sermon I want you to see three reasons why most churches are dying. Notice the first reason is:

I. Most Churches Feel Confident In Their Ministry (1-3)

A. They Have Experience (1-2)

These men were all experienced fishermen.

Most churches trust in their experience.

B. They Have Excitement (3a)

These men all wanted to go fishing.

A zealous church is not always a sign of growth.

C. They Have Equipment (3b)

They had boats and fishing equipment.

Most churches trust in what they have.

II. Most Churches Forsake Christ In Their Ministry(4-5)

A. They Have Too Much Activity (4)

They were so focused on fishing they missed God.

Most churches plan without God’s direction.

B. They Have Too Much Assumption (5)

They assumed they would catch fish based on past

A lot of churches trust in past successes.

III. Most Churches Fear Change In Their Ministry (6)

A. It Involves New Methods (6a)

Jesus told said, cast your nets on other side.

Churches have to change to reach people.

B. It Involves New Members (6b)

They caught no end of fish when they obeyed.

Churches will grow when they change methods.


In closing I want to challenge churches to be obedient to Christ. It is God’s will for every church to grow, glow and go for the glory of God. Lost people need a safe haven they can run to. The church ought to be a hospital for sinners not a rest home for the saints. Always remember, "There are more fish in the sea."

Rev. Michael S. Bowen

Pine Level Baptist Church

Early Branch SC, 29916

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