6-Week Series: Against All Odds


Summary: My personal exploration into the existence of God. I've used this as my personal testimony, especially when confronted by atheists.

How can I know of the existence of God?

1. He satisifies my intellect.

God, as the Creator and Sovereign of the universe, is the only complete answer to all of life's questions.

A) Origin – how did I get here?

Atheists are still guessing, agnostics are unaware, but Christians' biblical account of the origin of life answers the question.

B) Meaning – why am I here?

Atheists believe life has no meaning. Time + matter + chance = an empty life. God created us for so much more.

C) Morality – how do I define good and evil?

If life has no meaning, then all morality is subjective. In other words, Hitler wasn't evil; we just disagreed with him. Instead, belief in the existence of God gives us objective morality. God is good. Evil is the absence of good, because God is good. Therefore, evil is the absence of God.

D)Destiny – what happens to me after death?

When we die, Christians await an eternity with God in Heaven. When atheists die, they get all dressed up but have nowhere to go.

2. He makes sense.

Atheism is defined as knowing there is no God. It is impossible to know the inexistence of something about which you don't know.

3. I know Him.

While I don't have “all knowledge” I do know there is a God.

A) I have talked to Him, through prayer.

B) He has talked to me, through the Bible and the Holy Spirit.

C) I have a relationship with God. He is my Spiritual Father, my Eternal God, and my friend.

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