Summary: God’s seed is in you. This means that the potential to be fruitful is there in you. Discover these potentials.


* Every seed has the capability of producing the kind of plant or tree that produced it. In other words, though small, the seed has all the potentialities of a tree. It is a tree in the future.

* You are not empty. There is a seed that God put into you when He created you. That seed is the seed of greatness. It is the seed of accomplishment. That seed, given opportunity of expressing itself, enables you to achieve whatever you want to achieve in life.

* That the seed of God is in you means that you have the capability of becoming big in life.

* Think big and see yourself becoming big. You can’t afford to live and die small when all it takes to be big lies within you. Look inwards and draw out the power to move forward in life.

* Every one came into this world fully loaded with potentials so designed to enable him achieve all he could ever dream of achieving in life. There is yet no one born that was born with nothing no matter what anybody feels.

* No wonder it is said that the richest port in the world is the grave yard!

*The true worth of every man is the measure of the gifts, talents and potentialities he possesses. It is neither a measure of the savings of the man nor his investments nor yet his affluence, it is the sum total of the resources in him!

* For any man to become distinguished in life, such a man must come to the realization of his potentialities and fully tap into them.

* Expand your capacity for greatness. You were born to reign, dominate and be in charge; and you can only achieve this by you diligently exploring all possibilities that lie within you.

* Let me announce to you that you couldn’t have been made any better than you were made.

* The problem is not with your make-up. The problem is not with where you were born. The problem is not with the family into which you were born, poor or rich. The problem is in you discovering who you are and the several abilities deposited into you at creation.

Hear what the word of God says,

"But in a great house there are not only vessels of gold and of silver, but also of wood and earth. And some to honor and some to dishonor" 2Timothy 2:20


* The level of relevant information at your disposal determines your performance in life. It is also information that reforms a man’s destiny.

* Information is not just the gathering of facts, but the gathering of facts relevant to one’s dream and aspiration.


A life of sacrifice is required for you to maximize your potential. When you go the extra mile, you get the extra blessing.


Your attitude talks about your behavioral pattern. It determines your actions and reactions. No man can ever be greater than his attitudes. That is why it is said that the attitude of a man determines his altitude. How high one may ascend in life is a function of his attitude.

* The habits one forms are the molding blocks that birth his attitude. And habits could either be positive or negative. Whichever one it is, the chains of habit are too small to be noticed until they become too strong to be broken. Cultivate good habits that will give you the positive attitudes you need for life.

* Without the right attitudes, whatever resource is given to a man ends up a waste.

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Maxwell Kunda

commented on Sep 15, 2018

Powerful message. May Almighty God continue blessing you and the family.

Andy K. Anderson

commented on Feb 12, 2019

So powerful

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