Summary: This sermon talks of all the changes that Jesus brings to our lives. from Salvation to the change at the rapture.

We are certainly living in a changing world. There is only one human thing that is certain in this old world – the fact that things will change.

There is nothing as certain as change itself. We don’t know what changes are coming – but we are sure they will come.

1. Places Change:

The old dusty roads you once ran down are now concrete or asphalt.

The fields you use to pick cotton, peas or corn in are now sub-divisions with nice homes.

I am sure there will be people come here for homecoming that have not been here in years and probably will not recognize the place.

Many of the town in Mississippi that were dead a few years ago are now alive and well because of industries moving in and getting them to grow again.

Places change!

2. People Change:

The girl who was once the “ugly duckling” in school has become the ravishing beauty.

I knew of a boy (me) who was always cutting up. He gave his teachers at church trouble; everything was always a joke to him. All he studied was having a good time. But people do change – because that young man is now the pastor of one of the best churches in Mississippi.

Money may change a man – a man inherits a fortune and forgets all of his friends.

Illness changes a man – I have seen strong health men be changed into an invalid.

War changes a man – There are men who have been in the battles throughout time that have come back home a different man then when they left.

People Change!

3. Customs Change:

We are celebrating our centennial this month; less than 100 years ago people came too church here at Runnelstown in ox carts – Today we have nice cars and trucks with air-condition. We are able to fly around the world in airplanes and even out into space on a shuttle.

Mail was once delivered by pony express; but today we have a first rate post office department that is able to take our mail around the world – in a very sort time. We are also able to type a letter and mash one button and that letter get to its destination instantly by e-mail.

Today we have satellite television, cellular phones, high definition television, the internet, blackberries and no telling what is coming next.

Doctor’s use to, with certain diseases, bleed a patient, use leeches, or freeze them. Now we have so many different “treatments” that it is impossible to begin naming them.

Customs change everyday!

Yes - This world is full of changes. Changes are going on all around us. But today I want to talk too you about spiritual changes.


I. There Is The Change Created By The New Birth.

A. In the old days the evangelist would come into town and he would advertise that on a certain night he would give his testimony.

1. The theme would be something like “From the Gambling Hall to the Pulpit” or “From the Bars to the Bible”.

2. These were men telling the world what a great change has taken place in their lives.

3. There is no change as radical in the entire world like the change of conversion.

B. When Jesus was here He touched people and changed them.

1. The blind received sight.

2. The cripple were made whole.

3. The demon posses were set free.

4. Even the dead were raised.

C. He is making a change in people today by touching them

1. I would even say He is making even greater changes today then when He was upon the earth.

a) The physical changes made while on Earth are nothing when compared to the spiritual changes He is making toady.

2. We hear people today, giving their testimony, state that the things they once loved they now hate and vice a versa.

a) This truth is in the Bible, even if the actual words are not.

b) But it is seen in the lives of many people all around us.

(1) You may even know such a person – they use too hate the thought of church and despised the spiritual things of God, but when He touched their heart one day they made a complete change.

(2) They now look forward to attending church – as a matter of fact – they can’t get enough of the spiritual things in their lives.

(3) You may be saying “what has happened too this man?” I can tell you – he has been changed.

(4) This change happened because of the new birth.

3. In John 1:12 we read; “But as many as received Him, to them He gave the right to become children of God…”

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