Summary: Jesus is a light for people in darkness, faciing death, facing discouragement in life.

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Intro: in any service there are those who are facing difficult times, hard situations. It may be spiritual, physical, financial, a relationship where there is hurt or rejection or loss. Sometimes these things can become a cloud, an oppression, a darkness that surrounds the soul. That is why the preaching of the gospel is so important, it is good news. Today, there is a light that shines in the darkness, and it shines for all the world to see, it will shine on your life if you will let it, I was looking up through the bottom when it finally shined on me.

There’s A Light At The End Of The Darkness

Matthew 4:13-17

background: Jesus goes through the temptation and now begins his ministry. Instead of heading toward Jerusalem, he heads toward Galilee, a place of the Gentiles. He begins his ministry in a place where people sit in darkness, and He lights up their world. For people who only knew darkness and death, Jesus became life and light. Today, we gain five facts about this light

v.13- the light is coming

v.15- it will shine everywhere

v.16- it will shine in darkness

v. 16b- it will restore hope

v. 17- it will shine forever

I. The Light is Coming–he came and dwelt–v 13–the devil tried to blow it out, but the light is coming, the enemy has tried to steal your joy, but the light is coming, you may feel like giving up, but the light is coming. Jesus doesn’t just shine on your good days, but Jesus will shine on your bad days. The harder the times, the greater He shines. He’s is coming to you, if you are calling to Him, He is coming your way, don’t let Him pass you by. He is coming to dwell, you must invite Him in. The light is coming, the light of the World.

II. It Will Shine Everywhere–v.15 Galilee of the Gentiles.

He will not only shine for the Jew, He will shine for the Gentile, this light will not just be for the saint, but it will be for the sinner. It will shine in the desert, it will shine in the valley, it will shine on the Mountain, it will shine on the sea. Jesus will be to all people, to all nations. Let it shine, let it shine, let it shine. They can try to put up a wall to keep it out, but it will shine. They can try to burn up the Bible’s, but it will shine. They can preach other gospels, but the truth will shine. They can kill a missionary but they can’t kill the light, they can destroy a body, but they can’t put out a light in the soul.

III. It will shine in darkness–v.16–this light isn’t just for the noonday, but it is for the midnight hour, it isn’t just under a steeple, but it is for regions of darkness. No matter how great the darkness is, this light will over power it, and conquer it. Where it shines it gives light, where it shines it gives direction, where it shines it gives help, where it shines it gives hope. Where He shines the demons tremble, where He shines the giants fall, where he shines the enemy scatters, where he shines He’s Lord of all. Where people sat, the light helps them see, where the people were bound, the light sets them free.

IV. It Restores Hope–v.16b–light is sprung up–When He arrives hope is restored, when He arrives life is renewed, when He arrives, death is conquered, when He arrives.

Where fear once ruled there is love and peace

where bondage once dwelt there is now release.

The weak now say that they are strong

the poor now say, we belong,

the dead proclaim that we will rise

the light gives power for our lives.

Death stops laughing, the grave lost it’s sting

For the light now rules, and Jesus is King

The weeping is over, it endured for the night

For laughter has come because of the light.

The shadow is gone, every darkness must flee

for the light of world, is the light within me.

V. It Will Shine Forever–v.17- preaching the kingdom of heaven is at hand. Jesus now says, the light that you see isn’t a temporary light, but an eternal flame. It is a light that will never go out, it is a light that will shine in glory, and there will be no more night. Maybe today you only see darkness in this world, look to the light and you will see the glory of heaven. No matter how hard the test, no matter how heavy the load, the light will carry you, you will run and not be weary, you will walk and not faint.

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