Summary: Sermon on the dangers of Hell



INTRO: An old Scotch preacher was passing a glass factory just before going to the church to preach. He found a door slightly open and stepped in to have a look. One of the large furnaces had just been opened. He gazed into the white, blue, and purple mass of liquid flame until it nearly seared his face. As he turned away, unaware of anyone being present, he exclaimed, “Ho, This is what hell must be like.” A stoker standing in the shadow heard him. Several nights later at the church a man came up to him. “You don’t know me, but the other night when you stepped into the furnace room I heard what you said about hell. Every time I have opened that furnace since then the words ring in my mind, “This is what hell shall be like.” I have come tonight to find out the way of salvation so that I will not have to find out what hell is like.”

What did Jesus say about Hell: MT 5:22; 18:8-9; MK: 9:42-50 (HELL IS MENTIONED 23 TIMES IN NT, IN SOME FORM)

1. Vs 23: No EXPERIENCE in Life Can be Compared to Hell: C.S. “All the pangs, and rocks, and abandonment from which men suffer here are nothing to be compared with the woes and mental anguish of the world to come (without Christ).”

A companion of a newly converted Christian said to him one day, "Can you tell me where hell is?" After a moment's hesitation the young Christian said, "Yes, it's at the end of a Christ-less life."

2. Vs 26: No ENJOYMENT in Hell

a. vs 24 Tears in hell; but No Mercy

b. vs 24. Torment in hell, but no Miracle can Deliver you; Much agony and pain; Mk: 9:43- (Turn)

3. Vs 24: No ESCAPE From Hell: A great gulf is fixed. You Can’t go from heaven to rescue or pull someone from hell. Neither is there any repentance from hell.

4. Vs 27: No EVANGELISM From Hell: C.S. If you Think lightly of hell and you will think lightly of the cross.”

A dying girl said to her father, "Father, why didn't you tell me there was such a place?" "What place?" "A hell!" "Jenny," her father said, "there is no such place. God is merciful, kind and loving, there will be no future suffering." She said, "I know better! I'm slipping into eternity this moment. I am lost! Why did you not tell me there was such a place?" We do not want to be accused one day of not having told others, for that will be a witness against us.

5. Vs 30-31 No EXCUSE Can Keep One Out of Hell:

Rev 20:15: “And whosoever was not found written in the book of life was cast into the lake of fire.”

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