Summary: With America in Crisis, our communities are ripe for revival


INTRODUCTION: It has been over 200 years since the last great spiritual awakening was seen in Christianity. In those 200+ years we have seen the moral fabric of our nation deteriorate to the point that this generation readily accepts all sorts of inappropriate behavior as normal. Their argument is we cannot set a moral standard by which all people would be measured. I believe It is time for a revival to come to our land!

James Dobbson, In his January 1995 news-letter, sites several events in the ens of 1994 which he believes point to a nation ready for revival.. Among them was a unprecedented vote in September where 100 of 100 senators and 425 of 428 repres-netatives voted to condemn the actions of the attor-ney general in attempting to water down the defini-tion of child pornography. He also points to exit polls during the November election where 56% of Americans said moral and social issues were the cause of most of our nations problems. 65% said they would be more likely to vote for a candidate whose chief priority is to reverse the moral decline in America and 73 % said it is more important for government and elected leaders to support traditional family values rather than tolerance for alternative lifestytles.

Yes, I belive the time is right for revival to come to the city of Xenia, the state of Ohio, the United States of America and the world! The ques-tion is what do we need to do.

This morning we will be looking at three occassions when revival came to Israel and what these revivals had in common.


A. I Samuel 1:9

B. II Kings 22:14-20

C. Acts 2:14

1. We must pray without ceas-ing.

a) 2 Thess. 5:17

b) Luke 18:1

2. We must pray believing

a) Illustration: Hudson Taylor, Founder of China Inlamnd Mission. On way to China was passanger on Becalmed Sea. Captain, Mr. Tayor Please pray. Gladly, but first raise the sails. Sir I cannot not. "I will not ask God to send the wind. If I.m going to pray for wind, I must have enough faith to raise the sails. Captain raised sails. Taylor prayed. God answered.

b) Matt. 7:7

3. We must pray specifically.

a) Matt 7:7

b) James 1:5-8

c) James 5:16


a) I Samuel 4

b) II Kings 23:1-5

c) Acts 2:37

(1) We must realize that ALL have sinned. Romans 3:23

(a) History tells that Martin Luthert was so convicted of his sin that he would spend hours confessing them. Then on the way back to his room remember one he had forgotten to confess.

(2) We must recognize that the result of sin is death. Romans 6:23

(3) We must understand that the way to salvation is through Jesus. Acts 2:38

(a) James Jones, popular evangelist in the South. "Quitters night". People were to bring symbols of their sin to lay before God and tell Him they were going to quit. Elderly lady came for-ward and minister asked "Aunt Sarah, What are you repenting of." She replied, "I ain't doing nothing, amd I going to quit it."


A. I Samuel 3:19-21

B. II Kings 22:1-2

C. Acts 2:42-47

1. Illustration: Feb. 26, 1963 C.P. Snow said of Winston Churchill, "He has not only helped to save us from dying. He has shown us a pattern of how life can be lived."

2. Illustration: During 1983 National Spelling Bee, 13 year old Andrew Flosdorf of Fonda, New York, eliminated himself from the competion when he informed the judges he had mis-spelled a word and they had failed to catch the error. When asked why he had turned himself in he responded, :I didn't want to feel like slime."

3. We cannot, however, look at the paid staff as the only faithful servants. History tells us that the church grew from 3000 on the Pentecost to between 1.5 and 2.25 million by AD 310. This growth in 170 or so years was due to the work of more that 12 men!

CONCLUSION: I Believe that we need a revival to come. It will only happen if we ALL pledge to be a part of it. Will you pledge to do your part! I will!

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