Summary: urging men to come to Christ now

They made light of it”

Matthew 22:1-14

Man has not much changed since his creation. That which was recorded in history as having been done by man centuries ago, might be written again, for "there is nothing new under the sun." The same class of men is still found (although, perhaps, differently dressed) as that which existed ages long gone by. There are still men today who have the same disposition as men in the Savior’s day. "They made light of it and went their ways, one to his field, another to his merchandise.” Men are still making light of the glorious things of the gospel.

To “made light of it” literally means that they paid no attention to it. It means to treat with contempt, as a thing of no consequence. They paid no attention and gave it no heed to it.

So do far too many in this day.


According to the parable, the person alluded to paid no attention to a marriage banquet which a king had provided, with all kinds of delicacies, to which they were freely invited, and from which they willfully stayed away from. Salvation is a feast not a fast, funeral, or a famine. This is not an invitation to a funeral, even though some people act as though becoming a Christian is equivalent to being soaked for a week in formaldehyde. It is an invitation to joy.

The spiritual meaning of this is easy to discover. In this particular parable the Lord Jesus talks about salvation, and He indicates to us that salvation is really like an invitation to attend a wedding. God has an only Son, His name is the Lord Jesus. God the Father loves His Son so very much that He wants Him to have a bride. So, He is extending an invitation to every person in the world to come and be the bride of His Son. Those who pay no attention to the invitation of the Father express their contempt of a glorious banquet of salvation which God has provided for us in our reception of His Son.

What a feast salvation is! The feast salvation spread includes pardon of sin, favor with God, peace of conscience, access to the Throne of Grace, the comforts of the Spirit, and the well- grounded assurance of eternal life. Here is a feast of unbelievable and inconceivable delights.

By refusal you are making make light of some things. This is solemn ground to tread upon.

A. They manifested disloyalty to the Sovereign (2)

They king who made the marriage feast is the heavenly Father. God the Father planned for it; He prepared for it; and He provided for it.

B. The manifested dislike for the Son (2).

Some of them fancied that the fattened cattle, and other provisions that would be on the table, would be no better than what they had at home. They thought that the royal banquet would be no big thing for which to give up their business for a day or to renounce their farming even for an hour. Oh! sinner, when you neglect the great salvation, think about what you are making light of. You are making light of justification by faith; you are making light of the cleansing in the of Jesus; you are making light to the road to heaven.

It is a serious thing to make light of the Son. It was his marriage, and inasmuch as they stayed away, they dishonored the glorious One in whose honor the supper was prepared. They slighted Him whom his Father loved. Oh! sinner, when you pay no attention to the gospel, you pay no attention to Christ - the One before whom glorious celestial spirits bow; you are paying no attention to Him with whose praise all of heaven rings. It is a solemn thing to pay no attention to Christ. Think lightly of a prince, and you will have little honor at the king’s hand for it; but think lightly of the Son of God, and the Father will have vengeance on you for his slighted Son. Think lightly of a man’s offspring, and you have insulted the man himself; reject the one and only Son of God, and you have rejected the eternal One himself.

If you think lightly of Christ, you have insulted the only One who can save you.

B. They manifested disregard for the servants (3)

Every sinner who neglects the great salvation of Jesus Christ and pays no attention to the gospel minister who brings the message, is a big insult in God’s estimation. It is never considered a small offense by our great nation, if our ambassador is treated with indifference. Likewise, it is no light thing with God if you despise the ambassadors He sends to you.

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