Summary: Jesus is between two Thieves, and we see how we respond to God

We are Thieves

Luke 23:39-43


1. Jesus was there with them during their toughest situation

a. The thieves were mocked, Just like Jesus, beat just like Jesus and sentenced to death, just like Jesus

2. Thief 1 Jesus prove who you are, be who you claim to be

a. Save us, fix this, do this thing

b. I am you, dummy, He remains silent with us why?

c. This is simultaneously the death of God’s Son and the restoration of Man

3. Thief 2 he gets it

a. Freaks out

b. Rebukes him in a moment of self-realization, doesn’t even know what he is saying till he says it

c. Says Jesus remember me

4. Jesus tells him that’s how you get paradise

a. Not doing good

b. Acknowledging Jesus as the Son of God and the sacrifice Jesus was in the middle of making Him right

Altar: 1. We all have to decide what to do with Jesus

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