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Summary: A look at five things that Christians should cleave to.

“Things Christians Should Cleave To”

Text: Ruth 1:6-14


I want to preach from v. 14 of our text, “…but Ruth clave unto her.”

I am going to preach a message entitled, “Things Christians Should Cleave To.”

The word “cleave” means – to stick, to adhere, to hold to.

Cleave To Your Spouse – Genesis 2:24

Cleave To The Saviour

Over and over again in the scriptures we are told to cleave to the Lord.

Deut. 10:20 – “…the LORD…to him shalt thou cleave…”

Deut. 11:22 – “…the :ORD your God,…cleave unto him;”

Deut. 13:4 – “…the LORD your God…cleave unto him.”

Deut. 30:20 – “…the LORD thy God…cleave unto him…”

Joshua 22:5 – “the LORD your God…cleave unto him…”

Joshua 23:8 – “…cleave unto the LORD your God…”

2 Kings 18:6 – “…clave to the LORD.”

Cleave To God’s Servant (the man of God)

Acts 17:32-34.

In the context talking about the Apostle Paul.

Notice v. 34 – “…certain men clave unto him…”

Cleave To Your Sword (the Word of God)

2 Samuel 23:8-10

Notice v. 10 – “…his hand clave unto the sword.”

The physical sword in the Bible is often a picture or type of the Spiritual Sword, the Word of God.

One of the pieces of spiritual armour of God the Christian is to take is “…the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God.” (Eph 6:17).

Just as one of David’s mighty men was victorious over the enemy by cleaving to his physical sword.

So, the Christian can be victorious over his spiritual enemy the world, the flesh, and the devil by cleaving to the Sword of Spirit, the Word of God.

Cleave To That Which Is Straight Or Good

Romans 12:9 – “…cleave to that which is good.”


Five things that the Christian should cleave to:

His Spouse

His Saviour

God’s Servant – the man of God, the preacher

His Sword – the word of God

That Which is Straight or Good.

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