Summary: A series to encourage prayer in our daily lives.

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Introduction: Prayer Goes Against The Grain

Its unnatural to us

From birth we have been learning self-sufficiency

One way to make my son, really mad right now

Is to do something for Him, that He knows He can do himself

So, for a long time, we have been trying to do it on our own

Prayer flies in the face of those deep-rooted values

Prayer is attack on our self-sufficiency

It is foreign to our pride

And yet somewhere, someplace, all of us reach the point

Of falling to our knees, bowing our heads and fixing our attention

On God and talking to Him

And it’s because we desperately need these 2 things

I want to talk to you about this morning....

1. God’s Presence

We pray because, we understand by intuition or experience

We understand that the most intimate communion w/God

Comes only through prayer

Ask people who have faced tragedy or trial,

Heartbreak or grief, failure and disappointment

Ask them what happened when they reached that breaking point

And they fell on their knees

And poured out their hearts to God

People will say, “I can’t explain it but I just felt that burden lift”

“I can’t explain it, but there was a peace that came in the room”

“There was a calm, a comfort. I knew that God was w/me.”

However they say it, they’re saying the same thing

The presence of God came

Will God calm the storm? I can’t tell you that

But He will calm you! Every single time!

This is clearly seen in Philippians 4:6-7 NIV

6 Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.

7 And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.

I want to tell you

Entering into the presence of God

Is the greatest experience we can have

Its the greatest place we can be

That is our aim every time we gather together on Sunday

It will give you strength for another day

It will give you courage, reassurance and hope

It will give you grace and mercy

It will provide your every need!

Close Relationship:

For many people, prayer is not their strong suit

I began taking time to pray

And my prayer life has been transformed

The greatest fulfillment has not been the list of the miraculous answers to prayer that I have received

Although thats wonderful and amazing to me

The greatest blessing is the substantive difference

In my relationship with God

And when I committed myself to prayer

I didn’t know that was going to happen

People who don’t pray are casually connected

Think about people who don’t get together and talk much

They more so have a connection thru a mutual friend

Momma prays, I call the Pastor and he prays for me

But people who pray committed to prayer

With their Heavenly Father

They know Him

God has revealed Himself to them

He is breathing life into their spirit

The presence of God in your life will change your life

Mark my words, that will be the most fulfilling part of your prayer

Even more so than the answered prayers

You are sure to receive

Fellowship with God, your Heavenly Father

A close relationship with Him is worth more

Than any physical blessing

2. Channel For God’s Power

Through prayer God gives us His presence

And that is the first reason people fall on their knees

But there is a 2nd reason

People are drawn to prayer because they know

That God’s power flows primarily to people who pray

So, Prayer 2ndly is a Channel for God’s Power

The Bible overflows with passages teaching that our

Almighty, All Powerful God is ready, willing and able

To answer the prayers of His people

The miracles of Israel’s Exodus and entering the Promised Land

Were all answers to prayer And great testimonies to God’s power

So were Jesus’ miracles of calming storms, providing Food, Healing the sick, raising the dead

As the Early Church formed and grew and spread

God answered the believers continued prayers

Someone has said, When we work, We work

But When we pray, God works

How amazing is it to think that

His resources, His power is available to praying people

Who are convinced to the core of their being

That God can do what He said He can do

God’s power can change circumstances and relationships

It can give us strength to face another day

It can heal emotional and physical wounds

Remove obstacles on your job, in your home

Jesus said All Power in Heaven and Earth is given to me

So I just believe that there is nothing too hard for God!

Nothing that His power can’t extend to,

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