3-Week Series: Double Blessing


Summary: A Sermon to Encourage People to Fight the Good Fight of Faith

Things That Could Not Stop Nehemiah

Nehemiah was a patriot. This man was not a preacher, but he was a firm believer in God. He was a man of great character and love for God and country.

God put in his heart a work to do. Some of you here to day have been given a work by God to do for Him. Whatever your task is for God, don’t let anything stop you!

Nehemiah would not let:

I. The Size of the Job Stop Him 2:12-16

(He surveyed the work – sized it up)

A. There were many sections of the wall to repair

B. There were many gates to be replaced

C. He trusted God

1. To provide the Materials – 1:11; 2:4-8

2. To Provide the Manpower – 2:17-18

II. The Scare Tactics of the Enemy Stop Him – 2:19

A. The Enemy will Mock you

B. The Enemy will Laugh at You

C. The Enemy will Threaten you

III. The Sad State of the People Stop Him - 5

A. They were making merchandise one of another

B. Allowing their children to go into slavery

C. Over charging and causing massive debt

D. This was sin!

IV. The Smooth Words of the Enemy Stop Him – 6

A. If the Enemy cannot Scare you, he will try to smooth talk you

1. He Appeals to the lust of the flesh

2. The Lust of the Eyes

3. The Pride of Life

B. How do you view your Work for God?

1. I am doing a GREAT WORK, and cannot come down!

V. The Success of the Work Stop Him – 7- 8

A. When you finish one work for God, go on to the next!

B. Keep working until Jesus comes!

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