Summary: Sermon one in a series called Resolution Revolution - based on Colossians 1:13-23, and what we have in Christ!

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For the next four weeks we are looking at a passage in Colossians that describes Christ. For most of us, as we start this new year, we want to see changes in us... But where does real change come from? Real change/action comes from our deep held beliefs. That’s why they are called “resolutions” - your resolve allows you to change. Well this year, in your lives I would love to see your resolve in Christ to be strengthened to the point where you begin to act out! Because of who Christ is - and who you are in Christ - you can have a whole new outlook on life! READ TEXT

In high school I was a life guard at a Christian camp. I spent my summers watching the kids (and the girls) and cleaning the pool - and every now and again I would have to jump in and help someone. We called it a “save.” Normal lifeguards at good pools very rarely have saves. I had 17 over two years. But there’s only one that really sticks out in my memory. The First Baptist Church had a children’s camp each year. My second year, I was in charge of the pool and I let them in for morning swim - only my other lifeguard didn’t show up. There were a bunch of kids...and just one lifeguard. I did the swim test, and I talked to their leaders, and we decided that they could help me watch, so I let them in the water. There was a little boy that was about to go off the diving board - only I don’t remember him doing the swim test. He shouldn’t be thinking about the deep end, so I called him over - turns out he couldn’t eve swim, so I told him “You can’t go in the deep end.” About 30 minutes later, I hear someone yelling “Lifeguard” and I look over to my right, in the shallow water - and there he is - that same boy - floating face down under the water - in the shallow end. 3 feet away from about 10 of their leaders. I jumped in and dragged him to the side of the pool. We lifted him out and I tried to start CPR - nothing. His lungs were filled with water and junk, so I turned him to the side and started doing the only thing I knew to do - I started pressing all that junk out of him. They called an ambulance, and we got him help - but it was pretty scary. He turned out to be okay...but I’ll never forget the next day at lunch. Our staff all ate together and my boss was going over how we could prevent that in the future, etc - then he looks at me and he says, “Charles, if you hadn’t of been there, that little boy would have died. You saved his life.”

That’s the same message that we have here - you and I have been rescued by Christ. He reached into the deep and plucked us out. We were saved by him. Had he not saved me, no telling where I would be... You have been rescued! ...but he also transferred you...

Have you ever had to go to the post office and apply for a change of address? I have... You end up getting this little form. It asks where your address is currently. Then it asks where it is going to be and when. Then it says how long do you want us to collect your mail and forward it...

As believers/Christians, we have had a change of address.

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