Summary: See things from God’s point of view.

Every day we are advancing the kingdom

But we’re only as powerful as we want to be.

There’s a lot of folks that wanna go to church

Not many that wanna be the church

Tired of looking for God in a building

Tired of looking for Jesus on a cross

Tired of "we gotta do it this way or that way"

I’m tired of---“My way or the HIway"-- God’s way falls by the wayside.”

Numbers 11: 4-23

Funny story – story of small faith

God we don’t have enough to feed em

“Moses when did I get weak?”

Moses open your mind

Enlarge your thinking

I set the world in place, spoke into existence.

You want meat Ill give you meat.

God fet the complainers---

If God will do this for the complainers

What will he do for the Worshippers

God always wants to make things bigger

How can we be bigger

We’re 3 and half times bigger that we were

We’re singing praises

We’ve found freedom

We’ve lost religion

We’ve lost the religious

We’ve seen your Holy Spirit

We’re working in your giftings

We’re growing in knowledge

Have you met God---This is not his pinnacle creation

God says, “You aint seen nothing yet.”

I will enlarge your territory

Every Sunday I’ve prayed for the enlarging, and I bless local churches

Why do I do that?

If I pray a blessing on their congregation, I get blessed


When any of us prosper we all prosper

I don’t want to be griping to God,-

Like these in the story

God wasn’t mad because they were sick of their menu

He was mad ---they still wanted to be in Egypt

That’s why buildings, names, or Denominations don’t move me

I don’t care which building I worship in

What the name is

I just wanna worship you God

King of kings

Lord of lords

Savior, king, redeemer

I wanna be where ever you want me

Luke 5:1-11

Another story of a small vision

Lord I’ve always done it this way

We know where the fish are

God wants to fill our nets

HE wants to almost sink our boat

Drop your net Peter, There’s a new way to catch fish

Forget what you knew in the past,PETER- check this out

Jer 33:3

Call to me and I will answer you and tell you

Great and unsearchable things you do not know”

The body of Christ isn’t defined by a building

But a building is defined by the People in it.

My faith swells when I think of how God is working on our behalf

Psalms 37:23-25

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