Summary: Easter Resurrection (With Some Humor) Presenting Jesus resurrection as the most important world event of all time.

TITLE: This Changes Everything 04-15-2014

TEXT: Matthew 28:1-10

Start the service by reading the resurrection story from the Bible Luke 24:1-12


A. There are significant discoveries, inventions, and events down through history of which have shook the world. It could be said of them...THIS CHANGES EVERYTHING! Consider a few of such events:

1. FIRE: At Gorham's Cave, a small colony, shivering together in the cold, trying to choke down a piece of raw, stringy Stegosaurus, wondering why life is so hard. Outside, lighting strikes a tree. A pterodactyl is cooked on the limb upon which it was perched. A fire ensues. The group samples the meat and feels the warmth. One caveman looked at another and said, “Ruuh Uuuh”. Those of us who have studied and are fluent in the languages of the Pliocene Epoch of Earth’s history are able to translate. From the original Neanderthal this means, “THIS CHANGES EVERYTHING!”

2. THE EARTH IS ROUND: What a day it was when man discovered the Earth was indeed round, not flat, and if you sailed far enough you would NOT fall off the edge. Two map makers looked at each other and one said, THIS CHANGES EVERYTHING.

3. EARTH REVOLVES AROUND THE SUN. When Nicolaus Copernicus discovered that the earth revolved around the sun, and that our earth is just a part of a bigger solar system, the church wanted to burn him at the stake for heresy. Two government contractors looked at each other and one said, THIS CHANGES EVERYTHING

4. THE PRINTING PRESS: In 1439 Gutenberg’s invented the printing press. The most significant work and the thing driving Gutenberg was the need to print and mass produce the Bible. And two Televangelists looked at each other and one said, THIS CHANGES EVERYTHING

5. THE LIGHT BULB: It was 1879 in Menlo Park, NJ when the first big pitch was made to financial backers. It was an invention many had worked on, but Thomas Edison had perfected....The Light Bulb. Amazed, two lamp lighters looked at each other and one said, THIS CHANGES EVERYTHING!

6. THE ASSEMBLY LINE: Henry Ford boldly proclaimed, “I will build a car for the multitudes!” And he did in 1908 eventually producing 15.5 million Model T’s over a 19 year period the price tag dipping to under $300. Ford’s major contribution to humanity was not the automobile, it was the assembly line which made it possible to manufacture a car every 24 minutes as opposed to the normal 12 hours! Mr. Ed looked up from his bucked of oats and muttered, THIS CHANGES EVERYTHING

7. THE AIRPLANE: In that same time frame, on the sandy beaches of Kitty Hawk, North Carolina December 17th, 1903 at 10:35AM, two Brothers, Orville and Wilbur Wright made their historic 12 second, 120 foot flight in a powered flying machine. This accomplishment ushered in modern air and space travel. James T. Kirk, who was there that day said, THIS CHANGES EVERYTHING!

8. WORLD WARS/ATOMIC BOMB: WWI and WWII shattered the brewing notion man was a civilized being able to create peace a part from God. Think of it: Our only answer to bring an end to all the suffering, death and destruction caused by war, was to devise a way to destroy all human life on the entire planet...the atom bomb. On August 6, 1945 after the bomb had done its worst, at Ground Zero two optimistic cockroaches who had survived the full force of the blast, recognizing the potential of man’s perverted intelligence and hatred for one another, emerged from the rubble, one said to the other, THIS CHANGES EVERYTHING!

9. PCs and the INTERNET: Work began on the first PC October 1950. IBM introduced their desktop in 1973. In 1976 Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs put their new design into the marketplace. Out in his garage, after Al Gore hammered the final nail into the device and flipped the switched which turned on the World Wide Web –His invention of the internet in 1992, Bill Google and Fred Amazon got together and one said to the other, THIS CHANGES EVERYTHING!!

10: 9/11: September 11, 2001, I turned on the TV as I dressed for work, I saw what you saw, what everybody saw. I wept bitterly for the hapless victims and the heroic firemen. Two days later, I had lunch with a friend. He looked me in the eye and said, THIS CHANGES EVERYTHING!

11. PERSONAL: In your lifetime many of you have experienced this type of events marriages, births, death the joys and the sorrows of life. Sometimes for good, sometimes for ill you have scratched your head and said, THIS CHANGES EVERYTHING!!

B. I have left out many important world events. But I have purposefully left out the single most Earth shaking event of all time. One which the Establishment tried to cover up from the very onset –even in anticipation of its happening.

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