Summary: Lord's supper message

Pastor Allan Kircher

1 Corinthians 11:23-32


11 August 2013


• Only two ordinances/Baptists recognize.

• Ordinance means, “A law, or something prescribed.”

• Baptists recognize two rituals prescribed by Word/God.

• ordinance of baptism by immersion

• Lord’s Supper or Communion.


Baptism/symbolic act/portrays what Jesus has done for the believer in salvation.

• Picture/person dying out/old life of sin

• Rising again to a new life of service to the Lord.

• Outward symbol/inward work/God/human spirit.


The Lord’s Supper/symbolic act/calls to mind the death, resurrection and promised return of our Lord Jesus Christ.

• Take the bread/cup, we are remembering the day when Jesus Christ died for our sins on the cross, was buried, and rose again from the dead.

• Communion/symbol/eternal work God did through His Son the Lord Jesus Christ.


This morning, we will do what Christians have been doing for over 2,000 years.

• We will remember Jesus; what He did

• Why He did it and what it means for us.

• More than anything else

• The Lord’s Supper service is a time of remembrance.

That is why Jesus said, “This do in remembrance of Me.”

And, that is the thought that I wish to magnify for a few minutes this morning.

Allow me to share three facts regarding the nature of the Lord’s Supper as we think on the thought:

This Do In Remembrance Of Me.


The word Commemorate means “to honor the memory of somebody or something in a ceremony; to serve as a memorial to something.”

• If the Lord’s Supper is anything, it is a memorial.

• Time to remember Jesus and what He did for us.

• The following is what we commemorate today.

A. We Commemorate His Sufferings

• V. 24/25 talks “broken body”/“blood”/Jesus.

• These vivid phrases bring to mind suffering and pain.

When we take the elements/Lord’s Supper, we are to remember Jesus Christ suffered horribly for us to save us from our sins.

• Jesus suffered at the hands of man – Isa. 52:14.

• Suffered at the hands of God, Isa. 53:1-12; Matt. 27:46.

B. We Commemorate His Sacrifices

Fact/Jesus Christ was/human body speaks/sacrifices He made to redeem us.

• God became/man, lived/died/world/redeem/lost, John 1:1,

• He suffered shame, Matt. 27:39-44;

• rejection, John 1:11;

• poverty, 2 Cor. 8:9; pain, 1 Pet. 2:21; death, John 19:30.

In fact, the goal of giving Himself as our sacrifice was His whole purpose in coming to this world in the first place, Luke 19:10.

When the bread/juice are passed around in a little while; stop to remember what Jesus did for you.

We are here to commemorate His sufferings/sacrifices for us!


• Just as much/Lord’s Supper service is a commemoration

• It is also a celebration!

• Celebrate means, “to mark a special occasion or day by ceremonies or festivities.”

• Latin word that means “To attend a feast.”

• That is what we are here to do today!

• We are here to attend a feast celebrating what Jesus did for us!

There should be a heart of thankfulness, happiness and joy within every saved person today because of Who Jesus is and what Jesus has done!

Here is what we celebrate.

A. We Celebrate His Compassion

• Notice/words “for you” in verse 24.

• remind us/Jesus did what He did

• suffered what He did all because He loved us, John 3:16

• He had no sin of His Own to die for, 2 Cor. 5:21

He willingly took our sins upon Himself that we might be delivered from our sins and from the penalty of our sins.

What love that Jesus Christ; the sinless Lamb of God would give Himself for you and me! But, He did, Rom. 5:6-8!

B. We Celebrate His Conquest

What is not mentioned in these verses, but what is clearly implied, is the fact that Jesus Christ rose from the dead after His death on the cross, v. 26!

• anyone could have died

• But only the God-man could have paid for sins through His death

• then guaranteed eternal life by rising again from the dead

• That is just what Jesus did, Matt. 28:1-6; Rom. 5:10!

• Thank God, because He lives, all those who believe in Him will live also, Rev. 1:18; 1 Cor. 15:20.

C. We Celebrate His Coming

We are clearly told that when we observe the Lord’s Supper, we are telling this world that we believe Jesus is coming again, v. 26.

• That is His promise to us, John 14:1-3!

• That promise was reaffirmed by Paul in 1 Thes. 4:13-18.

• It was also reaffirmed by Jesus Himself in the closing words of the Bible, Rev. 22:20!

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