1. Important part of our assembly is the Lord's Supper.

a. Focus: Not external aspects--how often, elements & represent.

b. Concern: What should be happening spiritually?

2. Some introductory remarks.

a. NT doesn't say a whole lot about the Lord's Supper. (Gospels [26, 14, 22]; Acts--passing ref. to BOB; 1 Cor. 10:16-17).

b. Absolutely essential to understand 1 Cor. 11:17-34 in context.

c. Early Church did have something called "love feasts."

1) Term is found in NT (Jude 12; some mss. 2 Pt. 2:13).

2) Similar to "pot-luck" or "fellowship dinners" + LS.

d. Problem not LS as much as it is the disunity that acc. LS.

I. THE PROBLEM (17-22).

A. No Praise for the Corinthians (17b, 22b).

1. Reason: Meetings doing more harm than good! (17b).

2. Problem: Division!

a. The fact of it (18-19).

b. LS not unaffected (20-22).

B. What's going on in Corinth?

1. People coming together on Sunday for the Assembly.

a. Haves: Bring good food, arrive early.

b. Have-nots: Bring PB & J sandwiches, come when get off work.

c. Haves get tired of waiting and start to eat!

d. Reflected in 11:20-21, 33-34.

2. Hypothetical situation in Kenton.

a. Suppose we met once on Sundays, 6:00-9:00 P.M.

b. Decided to have a pot-luck every Sunday.

c. Local folks arrive early; get hungry; start eating.

d. Out-of-town folks arrive; feel hurt; mad.

e. Someone says, "Let's eat the Lord's Supper!"


A. These verses are closely connected to rest of the chapter.

1. Often read at LS apart from context with no harm.

2. Note "For" (23); "Wherefore" (27).

3. How do they relate to context? (solution!)

B. Paul carries Corinthians back to Upper Room!

1. What was that night like?

a. Jesus was about to die.

b. Disciples very concerned about that and comforted him.

2. WRONG! They were thinking about themselves!

a. John 13:1 ff.--No one had washed feet.

b. Luke 22:24-27--Who is going to be the greatest?

3. What is Paul saying in 11:23-26? (read).

a. We're supposed to remember something (24, 25).

1) Not just a bruised and broken body on a cross (Didn't happen on "night he was betrayed").

2) But WHY Jesus was willing to give himself.

3) Commit yourself to living in the spirit of Jesus' death.

b. To degree you're able to do that, take the LORD'S Supper!


A. Some Questions:

1. What does it mean to "eat in an unworthy manner?" (27).

a. Not individual worthiness--nobody is worthy!

b. "Unworthy manner" is when you eat and hate your brother!

2. What should we be examining about ourselves before we eat? (28).

a. Whether or not we are worthy to partake?

b. "Do I love my brothers?" or "Am I united with the brothers?"

3. What does it mean to "not discern the Lord's Body?" (29).

a. Same thing as to "despise the church of God" (22).

b. Church IS the body of Christ! (Eph. 1:22-23; 1 Cor. 12:27).

4. What happens when I don't do this?

a. I "eat and drink damnation to myself" (29).

b. I become "weak and sickly and may even sleep" (30).

c. I come under the judgment of God (31-32).

B. Conclusion:

1. This morning, let's eat the LORD'S Supper!

2. Recommit ourselves to living in Spirit of Jesus' death.

3. And if you've got uncaring, unforgiving, haughty feelings--Don't eat LS ..... eating and drinking damnation to your soul!

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