Summary: This sermon looks specifically at how Jesus shows us the grace-filled, loving, character of God, and how he does for us what we can not do. Preached at Christmas time during "Family Sunday." Hence, a bit more kid friendly and ad-libbing. (text: 2:11, 3:4

There are a few things I think it would be cool to see:

• A train ride across our grand nation, in one of those double decker cars with the glass panorama roof

• The inside of a huge submarine

• The sunrise and sunset on a remote Pacific island

• Even, maybe,

• Baseballs “hidden ball trick,” performed twice by 3rd baseman Mike Lowell in the Majors:

"There was plenty of hitting, good pitching by the kid . . . but the key to the game, I thought, was Mike Lowell’s hidden-ball trick," Marlins manager Jack McKeon said.

After seeing their 6-1 deficit trimmed to one run in the seventh inning, the Diamondbacks threatened off Jones in the eighth inning. Terrero opened the eighth with a bunt single, and after he went to second on a sacrifice bunt, pinch-hitter Tony Clark singled, putting runners on first and third.

Terrero was held at third as Lowell received the cutoff from left fielder Miguel Cabrera. Detecting that Terrero and third base coach Carlos Tosca were not watching, Lowell figured he would try catching the Diamondbacks napping.

To execute the sandlot play, the pitcher has to be off the mound, and Jones was.

• For his performance, Jones was a strong supporting actor, doing his best to sell the play, stalling slightly behind the mound, picking up the rosin bag, motioning to catcher Matt Treanor.

As Jones stayed clear of the mound, Terrero took a few steps off third, and then Lowell slapped on the tag. Third base umpire Ed Rapuano, well aware of what was going on, immediately pumped out Terrero.

Added [pitcher] Jones: "I knew I couldn’t go anywhere near the dirt. I could go near it, but I couldn’t touch it. It was like one of those Venus Fly Traps, and he walked into it.

"That’s the coolest thing I’ve done on the field in a while."

Hayden: “I see, I see, I seeeeeeee, Daaaaadddy!”

• Tomato soup being stirred

• Coffee beans being ground,

• The screw being loosened

• The presents mommy is wrapping

Nothing, absolutely NOTHING is off limits to his desire to see: Hayden will follow you absolutely everywhere, and whatever you are doing, WHATEVER, “I see, I see, I seeeeeeee. . . .”

What do you like to see?

All about your perspective, isn’t it?

• If you’re feeling overwhelmed at work, it is nice to see the extra shift people coming on board

• If you are having a problem with a school assignment, it is nice to see the teacher walk your way

• If you have spent all day getting ready for prom, it is great to see your date

There are many things, on many occasions, that we all would like to see. Even TV stations try to get our attention by claiming they have “Must See TV.”

The DeVilder children and Daddy were studying the “must see” event of history a while back: (show page of “someone’s coming”—a stick figure timeline that shows Adam/Eve, Abraham, David, etc. Each was given a portion of the promise, detailed below)

All eyes of wisdom were trained on a point in history where God would carry out a top secret plan, hatched before the beginning of the world. Every now and then he’d spill out a few of the beans and say something like:

• Psssst: Eve, one of your great great great, etc grand children is gonna take care of that evil Serpent . . . for good! Then, a few thousand years later he’d say:

• Pssst: Abraham, one of your family members is going to do something really cool for the whole world!

• Pssst: King David: one of your family members will become the Anointed One, the king over my people forever

• Pssst: Isaiah, a special King will be born of a virgin!

• Pssst: Micah, my special one will be born in Bethlehem, that tiny, tiny, town!

And so it had gone for thousands and thousands of years. And then: silence! For 400 years not a word was heard, or written down. And then it started again:

• Pssst: Zechariah: old man, you and Elizabeth are going to have a son that will prepare the hearts of the people for my special one who is about to come!

• Psst: Mary, God is going to give you a special baby, the very Son of God!

• Psst: Joseph: Don’t give her a hard time! Take care of her and the baby! Oh!, and name his name, Jesus!

And then it was kind of quiet for a few days, until:

• . . . somewhere, in a manger, two people named Mary and Joseph heard the sweet sweet cry of their new born baby, Jesus. (and maybe a few cows and donkey’s too!

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