Summary: Church Growth

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Matt. 19.21,22

Down through the years the spotlight of the world has been on the church. Given to represent the body of Christ the church was sent to be both an example and a light in the world.

Giving His blood for the assurance of deliverance, Jesus died and rose again that the church would have power and authority in this sinful world.

The church is an example by which the world could see Christ exemplified even though He has ascended to heaven sit on the right-hand of the Father. . . . .

The church is light by which men are able to acclaim life and approach God crying abba Father.

The church is deliverance, giving the saints of God the victory to overcome the enemy.

The church is power unbinding the saints of God from the vices of trials and tribulations

The church is authority through whom the gospel is preached and men’s hearts are turned to Jesus.

These only describe a small portion of the church --- and since Jesus has given His life,

I stopped by to ask the question --- In times like these – don’t you think this a good time to be the church.

How can we describe those -- having been exposed to the church – has tasted the goodness of the Lord --- but has become spiritual drop-outs.

In the church, there are:

1. Those that have their name on the church role – but are not fully committed to the cause of Christ.

2. Others whom treat the church and religion as a spiritual fire escape – only to be used in the event of an emergency.

3. Then the faithful few that are committed to the cause of Christ – maintaining, standing for and supporting the church.

In our text this hour – come examine a young man that missed the importance of the church.

First let us watch the church in operation. . . .

V-2 – the church is a healer

V-3 – the church is a teacher – giving instructions on the law of marriage.

V-11,12 – we see the church composed of those that are in the church but do not hear what the church is saying. He that has an ear --- listen to what the spirit is saying to the

V-13-15 – is an example of church growth – showing the importance of children in the church and the humility of the saints.

In V-16 we find one that is attracted by the work of the church and perhaps want to become a part of the church – but does not want to do what it takes to be the church.

Note his approach – he began by calling Jesus, “Good Master.”

Mark say he came running and kneeled --- but however his approach – this young man titled Jesus as Good master – here-- good does not describe the character of Jesus, but perhaps having seen Jesus ministering -- this young man recognize Jesus as a Most excellent religious teacher. . . . Watch here his salutation . . Good Master – what ggod thing must I do to inherit or have eternal life. . . . Having receiving his riches from inheritance . . . perhaps somewhere in teaching -- this man had heard that eternal life came by being an heir of God and an joint heir with Christ. . . So he ask --- what good thing -- must I do to inherit eternal life. . .

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