Just Announced: Philippians Sermon Series

Summary: This is a sermon on the promise of the Holy Spirit in the Church, that should help the church today.

Acts 2:14-17

This is That

I. Pentecost

A. Twice he indicates that they were amazed. The word in Greek is a word that means literally, "to push out of their senses." It is exactly what we say when we use the modern phrase, "they blew their minds." That is exactly what he said. It blew their minds as they heard this phenomenon occurring. And linked with that, Luke says, they were bewildered. Now the word is not quite accurately translated here. It is really a word, which means they were "hit hard, stunned." They were staggered by this amazing thing

B. The world may misunderstand your behavior – that’s why we must talk the talk and walk the walk

1. They may attribute your blessings to good luck

2. The providence of God as coincidence

3. Edgar Quest Poem – I’ll rather see a good sermon than hear one any day; God have not called any preacher to show a sermon, He calls us to preach a sermon. Because people can misunderstand your behavior

C. They ask “what is this”, some bystander tried to give a rational explanation--that the disciples were drunk

D. Others mocking – Take their faulty assumption and ran with it.

1) Assumption is the ground that lies grow from

2) Assumptions is where misunderstanding spring

3) Assumptions destroy relationships, break up homes, leads to divorce, break hearts,

II. But Peter standing up with the eleven,

A. But Peter – Two greatest words of the The Christian Era-

B. Peter – Was not the type of person to look around to see who else would stand up before he stand up; If you stand up, you will not stand alone.

1 Personality - outspoken, speaks before he thinks, brash, frank, blunt,

2 Four stages of Peter

First. Follower – When Jesus says “follow me and I will make you fishers of men”

Second. Confessor – When Jesus asked, Who do men say that I am, and Peter responded…

Third. Disciple – When Jesus says, “Peter Do you love Me, feed my sheep…

Fourth. Apostle – When Peter saw the vision of the sheet,

3 Lacked formal education – Lord knows I’m not against education, I believe that you should get all the education that you can. You don’t have to enroll in college, you should take all of the training courses that your job provide. It may not fit the job that you are doing now but you should take it to help the church. Education is important, but it is secondary to a Christ Experience.

C. God can make miserable flunkies like Peter into great successes

III. Peter had Christ Experience

A. Christ Experience outweighs Education any day.

B. The world looks for experience to give a job

C. God gives a job and provides the experience

IV. Peter goes to the scripture to explain the event

A. My desire is for Greater Mt. Moriah to be like the Beroean in Acts 17:11

1. We should not follow Fads and Fashions

2. We should not follow what on TV

3. We should not follow what feels good, sounds good, or looks good

4. Does not matter what TD Jakes, Jesse Jackson, Benny Hine, Clifton Dollar, Billy Graham does, we should refer back to the Scriptures to see what Lord says.

B. This is Peter’s explanation is very simple. This, he said, is what Joel declared would happen. It is, therefore, neither unexpected nor unexplained. It is what Joel predicted.

V. We have the Sprit of God

A. Now the Spirit of God is poured out in abundance upon the whole church

B. Your sons and your daughters shall prophesy,

C. Your young men shall see visions,

D. Your old men shall dream dreams;

E. What is happening here at Greater Mount Moriah is just evidence that God’s Spirit is truly in this place, That God is truly at work in our midst.

F. God is at work in this Church

1 Taking the slothful and turn them into faithful

2 Taking individuals turning them into studious

3 Turning missionaries and evangelist

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