Summary: The Life, death,burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

When reading chapter 1 of the Roman Epistle, the first few scriptures really stand out, and they should, due to the fact that this Word is about the most precious person that has ever been or will be!

Let’s look at about five points here in chapter one that are remarkable.

1. Jesus Christs’ DECLARATION as THE SON of GOD.

He was not just A Son, but THE Son.

* john.3:16...john.1:29...1-john.5:20...

2. Jesus Christs’ DEMONSTRATION thru the Spirit.

* the Spirit of Holiness....john.6:62-63...

3. Jesus Christs’ DEDICATION as THE Sacrifice...

* Isah.53:6-11...hebr.10:7..1-peter.1:18-21..

4. Jesus Christs’ DOMINATION over Satan...

* matt.4...revel.1...1-john.3:8..

5. Jesus Christs’ DENOMINATION are Saved...

* 1-thess.5:9...rom.5:9...john.10:27-30..

* He Declared to be the Son of God by the holiness and resurrection from the dead. He Demonstrated power, compassion, sinless living, and love to all. His Dedication as the sacrifice delivered us from the bondage of sin and the wrath of God. His Domination over Satan, the grave, Hell, and death has made Us more than conquerors. His Denomination are born again, washed in His Blood and made fit for the Kingdom of God.

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