Summary: Only one way to walk in God's truth.

The Voice behind you

Pastor Allan Kircher

Shell Point Baptist Church

Delivered on September 9th, 2012

"Whether you turn to the right or to the left, your ears will hear a voice behind you, saying, “This is the way; walk in it."—Isaiah 30:21.

Opening story:

King Ahab/Jezebel killing off Lord’s prophets

• Obadiah/Godly man/hid/prophets

• Obadiah/met Elijah

• Elijah/meets/Ahab

• Ahab calls Elijah troubler

Elijah just defeated 450 prophets of Baal on Mt. Carmel.

• Puts prophets to death Kishon valley

• Jezebel after Elijah

• Elijah frightened/broom tree/voice of God came twice

• Eat/drank/strengthened him to journey

• Came to Horeb/ cave

Read Scripture 1 Kings 19:11b-12

God spoke to Elijah, not in the power of the wind, earthquake, or fire, but in a still small voice.

• God wanted Elijah/know/He is much more than/storm god.

• He is powerful/controls all nature

• but often speaks in the quietness of the day.

It is not the fire, wind, and earthquake that show the power of God, but the truth of His Word. In the midst of the storms of life, we still find peace in the still small voice of His Word

• This hopeful morning we shall hear/same "still small voice"

• speaking a warning and teaching word

• we will see how it operates upon the sinner

• reaching both his ear and his heart.

God calls to the rebellious, and by his gentle word they are brought to his feet with repentance

• turned from their evil wandering

• and led in the way of obedience.


God’s “word behind us” as He speaks of in the text is a covenant blessing

• No “if” “ands” or “but” are attached to it.

• It is an unconditional promise!

• Your salvation depends upon it!

The comforts of our own life depend on our own action and behavior.

• They are conditional. We make or break them.

• But the comforts of our new life are secured by God.

• Nothing is attached to them for God says,

• This is the way, walk in it!


I ask you this morning to admire/free/sovereign/grace/God.

• He makes/promise/anybody

• Especially/people/He speaks here/”a rebellious people”.

• Lying children

• Children/that will not hear the law of the Lord.

He severely chastises them, and then in great patience he says to them, even to them, "Your ears shall hear a voice behind you."

• God's grace is marvelous in itself

• but its most marvelous in the way it in flows:

• It runs down into the Dead Sea of sin and makes the waters pure.


I. I invite you to notice first of all THE POSITION OF THE WANDERER to whom this special blessing comes.

• Those who drift away a bit.

• How does God find men who wander?

• God declares they hear a voice behind them.

• A small subtle voice ringing in their ears.

First, he finds them with their backs turned to him.

• Perhaps you have been there? Walking your way.

• Gone away from God, but God calls after you from behind.

You have turned your back on your only true friend

• Your only best friend/only capable friend.

But that Friend doesn’t change His temper and resent the insult;

• No, he is provoked to a love more

• Pleading and persuading more than ever

• and calls you to come into the right way.


But the wanderer continues to sin willfully/wickedly.

• And he distinctly turns his back on God and truth

• Turning his back on the law/gospel.

• Turning his back on mercy and on eternal life.

He turns his back on the adoption of the Father

• On pardon bought with the blood of Jesus

• He turns his back upon holiness, happiness, and heaven.

• He turns away from sunlight

• And wanders deeper and yet deeper into the night

• Striving to get away from God and holy influences.

Yet the Lord follows him, and with a voice of touching love and tender compassion he calls to him, "This is the way, walk in it."

• This word of warning/instruction follows the wanderer.

• You hear it in your ear, it begs of you to turn and live.

• Again/again this wise/personal voice assails your ear.

• Still, the wanderer doesn’t seek God, but God seeks him!

• You turn/God of love, but the love of God doesn’t turn from you.

What matchless grace this is that God should call after sinners when they openly renounce his rule, and flee from his mercy? ________________________________________

• Have you ever said to God in your sub-conscience,

• You say it and don’t even know it

• "Depart from me: I don’t desire the knowledge of your ways"?

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