Summary: For this is your hour, this is your year, and don’t let no devil in hell stop you from receiving what God has for you.

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“And let us not be weary in well doing:

For in due season we shall reap,

if we faint not” – Galatians 6:9.

Before I get into our text, I will like us to review Paul’s life and conversion. For he was a prudent and profound man who believed in pursuing life with a passion so one could fulfill their purpose, experience their full potential, and expose their true essence.

For Paul, which was known by his Hebrew name as Saul, was born in Tarsus, which was in Asia Minor (modern southern Turkey). He had been brought up in a devout Jewish family unit from the tribe of Benjamin, which he received careful instructions pertaining to the Mosaic Law. He yielded his pattern of thought, as well as his conduct by abided completely to every point in accordance with the Mosaic Law. By furthering his pursuit of knowledge, he joined the Pharisaical sect at an early age of acceptance. Under the auspices of Gamaliel, he was thoroughly trained in the law and was zealous for God within his own learned prospective.

Paul committed himself in fulfilling his promises that were determine by principle and was one dedicated to a given task. He was also a man of prudence and great profundity as mentioned, able to speak at least seven languages (fluent of course in Greek and Aramaic). In addition, with effectiveness, Paul familiarized him-self with various cultures to eloquently express his views and persuade many to his own ideologies and delights.

Paul traveled quit extensively before his conversion as well pursuing his passion. However, his ruling passion at that time was persecuting and giving approval to the deaths of those who were “Christians,” such as Stephen. For the “Christians” was contrary to the accepted belief, as well as threatening to the paradigm of thought that existed in the Pharisaical party: why, because the Christian doctrine and declaration was of Christ—which the Pharisaical party did not accept as the true Son of God.

Paul was so blinded by his objective and driven by his passion that he was extremely obsessive and violent in his persecutions. For Acts 8:3 reveals that, “Saul began to destroy the church. Going from house to house, dragging off men and woman and putting them in prison.”

However, the gates of hell and the perspective of a misguided soul could not prevail against the Church. For the Church was built upon the rock, which is Jesus Christ – the chief cornerstone of our faith, and the gates of hell, as declared in Matthews 16:18, shall not prevail.

High five somebody and say, “injustice shall not prevail, persecution shall not prevail, betrayal shall not prevail, discrimination shall not prevail….”

For this is your hour, this is your year, and don’t let no devil in hell stop you from receiving what God has for you. If you faint not, in the midst of hell and high water, you shall receive your reward. Just remember, what ever you are facing, it will not prevail if you keep your trust in God.

Getting back to Paul, God, “who’s judgments are un-searchable and ways past finding out,” looked beyond the offences of the man and seen character, commitment, and loyalty in a confused and ill-informed soul. So, God decided within His portentous mind to build on these qualities of Paul and use him for the furtherance of the gospel.

Look at your neighbor and say, “God has a plan for you, and He is calling you to Himself.”

God has a plan for you and this your hour to experience a change in your life so that you can achieve the unachievable. He is about to unleash supernatural ability for you to fulfill your created purpose, experience your fullest potential, and expose the greatness that lies deep within you.

However, tell somebody, “You got to come forth.”

For it was on the road of Damascus that God set out His plan by confronting Paul in the personality of Jesus Christ. For God confronted Paul by creating a “situation” were Paul would humble himself to choose his destiny.

Acts 9 reveals that, “Suddenly there shined round about Paul a light from heaven: and he fell to the earth, and heard a voice saying, Saul, Saul, why do you persecute me?” Baffled, Paul asked, ‘who are you, Lord?’ and the response he received truly amazed and frightened him. For the response cried out, “I am Jesus, whom thou persecuted: it is hard for thou to kick against the pricks.”

This response, “I am Jesus, whom thou persecuted,” should encourage every believer who has suffered from the hands of injustice, ridicule, and discrimination. Why, for there is an inseparable union that exists between you and Christ: for when you are attacked concerning your convictions, it is a direct attacked on Christ – John 15:18 Jesus declares, “If the world hate you, ye know that it hated me before it hated you.” so don’t take it personal.

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