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Summary: Reaching your Spiritual Canaan in our daily lives

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JOSHUA 1:1-9

In our day, there are many misunderstandings surrounding the Christian life-----a trip to the local Christian book store confirms this accusation-----the shelves are lined up with books that talk about how to make the Christian life easier and more acceptable to the world

--------Numerous preachers have moved into the realm of the prosperity gospel--------and their following is growing immensely

Folks we need to understand what God is saying to us here in these verses--------and understand that when we become children of God that we entered a spiritual battle with our enemy

----------but as we will notice------God wants us to be victorious and He has already given us the victory-------all we have to do is be strong and courageous and claim the spiritual land that God has given us and the victory is ours

I Corinthians 15:57----“But thanks be to God, who gives us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ”

Notice v. 1 & 2----Now as we look at the book of Joshua we see that Moses, the great leader has died and a new leader named Joshua has been appointed to lead the nation of Israel into Canaan -the promised land

We see the book of Joshua is a record of Israel’s conquest of the Promised Land

Now remember that the Israelites had been wandering in the wilderness for 40 years----because the their lack of faith and disobedience---------expound

-------Joshua and Caleb was the only two of that generation that was still living------and was going to be able to enter the promised land

----because they were the only two of the 12 spies that believed God

The book of Joshua can teach us much about obtaining spiritual victory in our lives today

-----now some refer to Canaan as Heaven----but that is now really what God is trying to help us to see--------He is talking about a Spiritual land

-----In heaven there will be no more wars, enemies, suffering or death and there will not be 2 ½ tribes of God’s people who don’t want to go

Canaan is not a typolgoy of Heaven----but it is a picture of the life of victory that is available to every child of God

I Corinthians 10:11

-----------The word example means type--------------you see the land of Canaan is a type of land that we are to possess

Now understanding that God is speaking to us just as much as He was to Joshua------let’s look and see what He is saying

I)---A Call from God—v. 1-9

A)—A call to claim the Land—v. 1-4

In these verses —Joshua is reminded that the Lord has already given the land of Canaan to the children of Israel--------Joshua is commanded to lead the people into Canaan to claim the land that they had been promised by the Lord

God reminds Joshua that they had the land----all they had to do was claim it

Ephesians 1:3-----------Not physical (as the land)—But spiritual blessings

—every spiritual blessing is already ours in Christ----all we have to do is receive them

Heavenlies—refers to that spiritual realm of blessings now-----not talking about Heaven

Compare Joshua 1:3-----and Ephesians 1:3

------The land of Canaan was given to God’s people to enjoy but they must possess it

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