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Reading: Ephesians chapter 5 verses 1-21.


• Rory Bremner & Aliastair McGowan are famouse impersonators.

• As you look at then you see the person they are imitating.

• It may be a famous politician or sports star or a well known celebrity.

• Both Rory Bremner & Aliastair McGowan will look and sound like that person.

Now the word imitator:

• Is what Paul uses in verse 1;

• “Be imitators of God, therefore, as dearly loved children”

• It is literally the word ‘Mimic,’

• And a mimic impersonates, copies, is a replica of someone else.

Verse 1: Goes on to explain who we are to mimic; we should be imitating God:

• This verse sets the theme for this section.

• Paul is simply teaching us that children are like their parents,

• Now I realise that this fact can be both encouraging and embarrassing,

• For both children and parents.


• It can be a pleasant or a scary experience,

• When you realise you are turning into your parents.

And there is always a family remembrance:

• Ill: Looks, a stranger could match family members together

• Ill: Mannerisms, we start acting like our parents!


• If we are the children of God,

• Then we ought to imitate our heavenly Father.

• This is the basis for Paul’s teaching in this chapter,

• And there are three admonitions in this section.


• God is love (1 John chapter 4 verse 8);

• Therefore, mimic him by, “walking in love” (verses 1-2).


• God is light (1 John chapter 1 verse 5);

• Therefore, mimic him by “Walking as children of light” (verses 3-14).


• God is truth (1 John chapter 5 verse 6);

• Therefore, mimic him by, “Walking in wisdom” (verses 15-17).

Pause to say:

• You cannot be a successful imitator of God,

• Unless you are connected to God through faith in Jesus Christ.


• A counsellor was given an opportunity to open a counselling office in a university.

• On the opening day, he sat at his desk for several hours before anyone came.

• Hearing someone enter the small waiting room,

• He picked up the phone and pretended he was talking to someone about their problems.

• The man who had entered stood there silently,

• Until the counsellor put down the phone and asked him how he could help.

• “I’m the telephone engineer,” the man replied.

• “I’ve come to connect your phone.”


• How many here tonight are playing at Christianity?

• Looking the part but not actually being connected?

Now if you claim to be connected to God then be an imitator!

• Ill: Jesus “I do always those things that please the Father!”

• Ill: God testified of him “I am well pleased”

• Tough question: Are you doing the things that please the father?

• Tough question: “Is he pleased with you tonight?”

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