Summary: This is how others are to see Christ through us


Matthew 5:13-16

PROPOSITION: To help the listener understand Christ’s expectation for others to see Christ in us.

INTRODUCTION: I am reminded of a man who attended our church for several weeks while he was in the area on business. (The story of Will)

I. Salt – Israeli salt could lose its flavor due to impurities (sin).

1. Salt it pure

2. Salt is a preservative

3. Allegorical flavor of Christ

4. Without our “salt” we are useless to the Kingdom of Heaven

a. Remember ministry? If you aren’t serving God, who are you serving?

b. The Great Commission

II. Light

1. A light is meant to be seen.


3. “God’s strategy in a nutshell: He builds into you and me the beauty of his own character and then puts us on display.” Joseph Aldrich

4. Christ’s light must shine through us

5. ILLUS 1468 – the French matchbox – expose yourself to the Son.

6. Non-believers must see Christ in us

a. How does someone who thinks the Bible is fiction come to know Christ?

b. You cannot hide your salvation, even if you want to.

III. Our daily witness

1. Attitudes

2. Actions/reactions

a. Earthly Power

b. Heavenly Power

3. ILLUS 1470 – Cars with winter grime all look alike, but when 1 is washed…

4. They will know we are Christians by our love.

5. MOST IMPORTANT!!! Our witness is for God’s glory, not ours.

CONCLUSION: Strive to let the world see Christ through you.

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