Summary: We Christians need to understand that we are in a spiritual war. This war is for the souls of the lost who are all around us. These individuals need to be rescued from the enemy which is made up of spiritual forces of evil. It’s our job as Christian warri

This Means War!

Thesis: We Christians need to understand that we are in a spiritual war. This war is for the souls of the lost who are all around us. These individuals need to be rescued from the enemy which is made up of spiritual forces of evil. It’s our job as Christian warriors to fight for their release.


Our country is at war with Irag. This time of war is nothing new for this world in which we live. Wars have been happening since mankind fell in the Garden of Eden. The Bible has a lot to say about war. Ecclesiastes 3:1-8 says there is a time for everything under heaven. Listen to King Solomon’s words:

There is a time for everything, a season for every activity under Heaven. A time to be born and a time to die. A time to plant and a time to harvest. A time to kill and a time to heal. A time to tear down and a time to rebuild. A time to cry and a time to laugh. A time to grieve and a time to dance. A time to scatter stones and a time to gather stones. A time to embrace and a time to turn away. A time to search and a time to lose. A time to keep and a time to throw away. A time to tear and a time to mend. A time to be quiet and a time to speak up. A time to love and a time to hate. A time for war and a time for peace.

Yes the Bible says there is a time for war. Webster’s Dictionary tells us that war is defined the following way, It is a state of hostility, conflict, or antagonism which causes a struggle or competition between two opposing forces with each one fighting to get their particular way.

There is another realm out there that is involved in this war with Irag. It is a demonic world. These car bombers are demonically inspired. They are deceived into thinking that they are going to go to Heaven if they blow themselves up for their way. Notice how they play on the sympathy of the soldiers then kill them. The story this week broke about a pregnant women who motions for help to some soldiers. They respond and go over to help and the car blows up. The soldiers along with others are killed. These terrorists focus on the caring and kindness of the soldiers to kill them. A religion based on hate and tactics like this is not of God. Here me on this the Bible is very clear what is of God and what is not of God.

Islam is a religion which is birthed out of the lineage of Ishmael and is a religion of bondage not freedom. Galatians 4:21-31 explains the condition of someone living under Islamic spiritual control and someone living under Jesus spiritual control:

Tell me now, you who have become so enamored with the law: Have you paid close attention to that law? Abraham, remember, had two sons: one by the slave woman and one by the free woman. The son of the slave woman was born by human connivance; the son of the free woman was born by God’s promise. This illustrates the very thing we are dealing with now. The two births represent two ways of being in relationship with God. One is from Mount Sinai in Arabia. It corresponds with what is now going on in Jerusalem—a slave life, producing slaves as offspring. This is the way of Hagar. In contrast to that, there is an invisible Jerusalem, a free Jerusalem, and she is our mother—this is the way of Sarah. Remember what Isaiah wrote:

“Rejoice, barren woman who bears no children,

shout and cry out, woman who has no birth pangs,

Because the children of the barren woman

now surpass the children of the chosen woman.”

Isn’t it clear, friends, that you, like Isaac, are children of promise? In the days of Hagar and Sarah, the child who came from faithless connivance (Ishmael) harassed the child who came—empowered by the Spirit—from the faithful promise (Isaac). Isn’t it clear that the harassment you are now experiencing from the Jerusalem heretics follows that old pattern? There is a Scripture that tells us what to do: “Expel the slave mother with her son, for the slave son will not inherit with the free son.” Isn’t that conclusive? We are not children of the slave woman, but of the free woman.

I want it clear that you understand that God does not delight or rejoice in war. It says in Psalm 68:30 “Scatter the nations who delight in war.” It is clear from this passage that no one should delight in war. If you do God will scatter you. We should not rejoice or delight in war either. War is ugly and many innocent people get hurt and killed. The word of God tells us to make sure we seek guidance before going to war Proverbs 24:6 “Make plans by seeking advice; if you wage war, obtain guidance.” I want us to ponder our current situation and to seek guidance from the Lord about war. I believe our leadership in this country has seriously sought God’s guidance about this war. I have read how President Bush and his wife prayed about what to do with Irag. President Busch feels “It was time for war.” I want us to understand that the war is Irag just started but the truth is we have been in a state of war from our birth. You see we are at war when we are born into this world. Especially when we become Christians we are told we become a part of the army of the Lord. Let’s read Paul’s thoughts on this war.

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